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Sorry the news is late. I was out of town yesterday.

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Here are the news headlines:

California Bipolar Foundation Seeds Huge NIMH Grant

DO> WOW, incredible they got this, isn’t it?

“Take Your Medicine” Kids Brochures Embarrass British Health Service

DO> What do you think of this?

Teen stress masks illness

DO> Great article for parents

New bipolar disorder research from PF Bell et al outlined

DO> It’s great that more research is being done

FDA Approves Abilify for Children with Autism

DO> Great article

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  1. I don’t think that it is completely true that ‘the only one who can help us is ourselves.’ No man is an island. We need others. We are social creatures. I feel that if no one cares about me, why should I?

    My brother is not rich, like yours. He has a large house with a huge amount of debt. He has been out of work for months. He got a great job recently but has been told that he is losing it at the end of the year. Although I have been working for the past year, I have taxes and past debts taking a big chunk of my income. So, I suppose it is true that the economy is affecting us all. At any rate, my brother is a JERK. I made the mistake of contacting him yesterday. He has done this before. I am not going to let him do it to me again.

    I think stability has to do a lot about how we manage our lives. Having 28 ER visits in in 2 1/2 years is no way a measure of success. So, whatever you’re doing to avoid hospitalization…I congratulate you.

  2. To TRIED THEM ALL: My “stability” came at great cost. Going on disability made me feel worthless and non-human. BUT – I accepted it, and tried VERY hard to eliminate my stressors. But, as you know, “stress” happens EVERY day; I’ve just had to work very hard on my “coping” mechanisms. I’ve had several mini-episodes for situations like my two husbands’ unexpected deaths; PaxilCR not being available and having to try other meds (that sent me “to the moon”); a high fever; etc. Thankfully, these were ALL handled out-patient, and, the Good Lord willing, I refuse to be hospitlized ever again. I wish you good luck in your recovery; as I said, it is NOT easy. BUT- no two bipolar people are alike. What works for me may not work for you. We all have to follow our treatment plans, and stay on guard against the “black holes” that enveop all of us at times.

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