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Here are the news headlines:

Man Who Suffered from Bipolar Disorder has Book Published

DO> Sounds like good book. Haven’t read it yet.

NBPF Develops Preventative Care Program Called ‘Safe ’til Stable’ for People Impacted with Bipolar Disorder

DO> Sounds like great idea.

Funding Supports ADA Technologies’ Development of Home Monitor for Bipolar Disorder

DO> Hmm. Sounds really worth while, don’t you think.

…Antipsychotic Drugs Spur Dramatic Weight Gain in Kids

DO> This is a sad side effect of medication.

An Illness Even Sadder When it Affects Teens

DO> This is really the truth. The good news is, today there are way better treatments than when my mom was growing up.

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  1. Hope to have time to read all the news at the weekend. Wishing everyone a happy Halloween. Have fun!

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