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AstraZeneca’s Seroquel XL Wins Green Light for Bipolar Depression

DO> Kind of boring but still news 🙂

How to Boost your Brain Power

DO> Interesting article, take a look.

What is the Quality of Life of People with Bipolar Disorder?

DO> Everyone should read this very interesting article.

US Prisons: the New Asylum for the Mentally Ill

DO> Hmm. I kind of disagree. Why? Well normally they just put people on the streets. What do you think?

Bridges To Recovery: Bipolar Disorder

DO> Great article, take a look.

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  1. The article and blog about sex and bipolar meds really hits home. This is exactly what has happened to my loved one. Since his episode last year and his prescription of zyprexa his sex drive went further and further down until there was no interest at all. On top of this he has lost all interest in everything else he used to enjoy. However, some of the contribitors to that discussion have got better again and even gone back to a normal lifestyle by getting their meds changed to some which work better for them. So there is hope for everyone. I can’t nag him into it though, he would have to decide for himself when he wants to have a better lifestyle. I’m positive that some day he will wake up again. On the other hand it would be a big help if he stopped drinking and didn’t let his ex mess with his head. I’m still his supporter, while she knocks down everything I build. I’m not giving up.

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