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Here’s the bipolar news. I have tons to do today so I need to get this out earlier.

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Here’s the news.

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What are the Chances my Future Kids will be Bipolar

DO> What do you think of this article, question, is kind of negative don’t you think?

Discussing Bipolar with Your Friends and Family

DO> Great article and it’s important.

Parents Fight Use of New Psych Meds for Kids

DO> Where do you stand on this? I know what they are saying but there are many count arguments.

“When Someone You Love Is Bipolar” by Cynthia G. Last – Book Review

DO> Haven’t read it, but looks like a good book.

Bipolar Adults at Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

DO> This is kind of old news but important, take a look.

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  1. I am bipolar and schriphrenic and I have a son that is the same. He was in a bad car accident and isn’t taking his medicine. And mine isn’t working any more and I just moved with my daughter and I have a 4 month wait to see a psych. Dr. and my son isn’t taking care of his self he lost his spleen and I have power of attorney and I want to court order him to treatment for all of his ailments. I can’t keep from crying. PLease help me I am in destress about my Dr. at home is going to give me 4 months of meds so I will be ok but what should I do with about my son give me feed back at my email address-

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