Bipolar Supporter? Just Do This


How’s it going for you?

A friend of mine uses the simplest of techniques when she feels stressed, nervous, anxious, etc.

She calls it:


It’s just something to remind her to take a deep breath whenever she feels that way.

Sometimes it takes several JUST BREATHE breaths to calm down, especially if you are very anxious.

My friend has used this method during actual anxiety attacks, and it has worked!

The reason it works is that it helps you to focus on your breathing and takes the focus off what is stressing you out or making you so nervous and anxious.


That’s it!

Just concentrate on your breathing and NOT on the problem, person, or situation.

Sometimes the simplest of techniques are the best techniques.

In my courses/systems, I go over other more extensive stress reduction and relaxation techniques that can really help you as well:







This technique is good for both you and your loved one.

See, my friend also thinks the words, JUST BREATHE, when she is doing the actual breathing.

This would be a helpful tool for your loved one to put in their “bipolar toolbox,” because they can use it on

their racing thoughts.

Concentrating on the phrase, JUST BREATHE, over and over like a mantra, can close out all those other distracting (racing) thoughts.

It’s also good for you as the supporter, because you experience a great deal of stress at times.

You not only have your loved one’s needs to worry about, but also your family, work, and personal needs to think about as well.

Sometimes it can get overwhelming.

At those times, when you feel as if the stress is built up to bursting, try this method.


As many times as you need to, until you feel a sense of the stress decreasing, or the nervousness and anxiety going away.

Then you will be in better shape to handle the problems confronting you.

I’m not saying that this technique will solve your problems for you.

In fact, I’m saying the opposite.

This technique will absolutely NOT solve your problems.

However, once you have applied it, your head will be more clear and you will be in a better frame of mind, and be able to face your problems that much better.

Sometimes you might be in a position with your loved one where you really need the JUST BREATHE technique.

You can use it in the old “count to 10” way.

When your loved one does something that really aggravates you, JUST BREATHE, before you answer them or take any kind of action.

Then you can be sure you’re acting from a place of caring and not a negative place.

Or, say your loved one is yelling at you.

You don’t want to fight back, because you know in the past that is a useless effort and a waste of time.

Still, you want them to stop yelling at you.

So you take a couple of JUST BREATHE breaths, and then you are better able to tell your loved one to

stop yelling at you.

In this way, you are not fighting back or giving them any reason to keep yelling at you.

Try practicing the JUST BREATHE technique.

I’d love to hear some success stories!

  1. The JUST BREATHE does help. I just now did it, because I’m terribly anxious about a medical procedure that I have in 1 hour. Ever since my DR just mentioned I may need an ENG, I have “Googled” it and talked to other people about it. It is to diagnose whether my dizziness is caused by the CNS or in the brain. My physical therapist called it a “brutal test,” and that set my anxiety level to RED!

    There are actually 7 tests. In one, they flow hot and cold water in your ears. Another, they use it the same way. They attach electrodes to your head to measure your eye movements. It’s a 3-4 hour test,and I have been dreading it ever since the papers came from the University Hospital on Friday They require NOT to take antidepressants, tranquilizers, etc., so I called and left a message that I HAD to take my bipoar meds! They called me yesterday, and told me, by all means, TAKE your meds! Now, I don’t know what effect that will have on the exam, but I sure wasn’t NOT going to take my meds…

    I will JUST BREATHE before AND during the procedure. It DOES help. And if you could just say a little prayer that it’s not TOO uncomfortable, I’d certainly appreciate it.

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love us. May God bless you real good. I pray for my country.

  2. Suzanne, I hope everything goes ok with your eng. I had one last month and was in bed for 3 days after with the spins. They were checking to make sure I did’nt have a tumor or MS. I do not but then was diagonsed with menieres diease. I will say a prayer for you and hope everything is fine.

  3. To BETTY – Thanks for your good wishes. I only hope they contacted Dick Cheney about the “barber’s chair.” It’s more effective than “waerboarding!” “I’ll tell you ANYTHING!!” Seriously, because I’m dizzy anyway, I didn’ feel any different after all the tests, but I may forgo PT tomorrow!! At least they said it WASN’T an inner ear problem, but that leaves 20 more possibilities for my doctor to consider! I have heard of menieres disease, but don’t know WHAT it is or what the symptoms or prognosis is. You’re very sweet to have prayed for me; I’m sure it helped me endure it. God bless you…

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