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How are you?

Hey before we go over the news. I have some news from myself.

My friend that I train with in the gym sometimes now is working at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital which is a kind of end of the line for people with serious mental illness.

Many people suffer from Schizophrenia and VERY serious illnesses and can’t seem to get stable or function well.

He told me one person he met suffers from a disorder where he will eat ANYTHING including metal, wood, coins, etc.

Over the coming weeks I will send out some information about what I learn from him.

He has undergone extensive training on how to deal with people who are in major episodes and not in their right mind so some techniques could be useful for us.

Both of us do a ton of cardio in the gym and are usually bored out of our minds so this is when I will ask all the questions.

It’s important to note that the people will this hospital would be probably MUCH worse than what anyone on my list is dealing with.

BUT I look at it this way. If we can learn just some things that will be helpful even if our circumstances aren’t as extreme as his.

My friend ultimately is kind of like a supporter for many with very serious mental illnesses while he works their in the day.

You however are probably supporting just one person who is not even close to the people he is supporting. But again, that’s okay, we can probably learn some stuff from him.

Okay, here’s the bipolar news. Enjoy.

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DO> Is it mine or another author?

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  1. Hi David,
    Sorry for not contacting you before now. Yes I would like to recieve the free info. But when I filled out the form it called for a credit card and I do not have one. I could send a money order. If that is ok, please let me know where to mail it. I have a 14yr.girl who is bipolar, and the info you send out is very helpful. She is doing so much better now than about t yr. ago. Her main thing right now is depression. NOt caring about anything/ It is very hard to keep her movited. Anyway you hve helped me out so much, and I wanted to say THANK YOU! I look forward to hearing from you. Jane Blackmer

  2. Hi, new to site, not sure I trust it; the below message is one I sent in response to the bipolar letter you sent today, of course it was returned as it was on the “auto-reply” site, no surprise there, I’m not trying to be rude, I just need help,and btw I am the one with bipolar disorder and currently do not have any “educated support”, anyway theres the note I sent:

    Just writing back to see if this is a form letter, or you’re a real person. I’m in the midst of a very damaging cycle at the moment ( i have bipolar II Rapid Cycling, and I don’t have a caregiver, at least not one who wants to understand the nature of the beast, so to speak) Part of me can function on a “normal” basis so I guess its difficult for those around me to know how far “gone” I really am.
    Before I say any more, I’ll see what kind of reply I get back from this. I suspect your like those other “sel-help” platforms out there looking to make whateer money you can from someone elses infirmity. Maybe not, we’ll see.
    I called the Veterans Suicide Prevention line last night and am trying to make it thru the weekend, when a counselor near my hometown is to call me.
    Thanks for listening,
    K Torkelson

  3. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder 2, which affected my job and my family. I got involved with alprazolam, which caused me to black-out and have some accidents, which luckily, did not harm anyone other than myself. My husband does not understand this, and will not discuss it with me. My mother recently passed away, and I feel that she was the only person who would listen and try to understand my disorder. I feel at a loss right now, with few friends to talk to. I am not suicidal, but feel helpless and useless. Thanks,

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