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Light, vitamin D help counter winter blues
DO> There are some good tips in this article.

Yoga program dedicated to supporting people living with mentalillness
DO> This might help your loved one, too.

Having a Severe Mental Illness Means Dying Young
DO> Do you agree with this man’s opinion?

Mindful of Mental Illness: Shortage of Professionals a Critical Concern
DO> This is very troubling, don’t you think?

Parent’s suicide attempt makes child’s much more likely, study says
DO> Important study, don’t you agree?

English soldier called a ‘pommy bastard’ by Australian army superiors wins pension
DO> What do you think of this case?

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  1. I forget to tell you how much I appreciate the resource of your mailings and postings for sufferers of Bi-Polar Disorder and their supporters. You are a bright ray of hope for all of us. We need to remember that you have dedicated most of your adult life to helping your mom and by extension, so many others who work through and endure a condition once only whispered-about. I love you, and wish you a good New Year!


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