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Substance abuse more likely among patients with mental illness
DO> Important study, don’t you agree?

National Park Man Sentenced to 7 Years in Baseball Bat Assault
DO> Do you think this is fair?

Schizophrenia cognition tool promising in bipolar disorder patients
DO> Interesting study, don’t you think?

Feeling down: when does a mood become a disorder?
DO> Good information for you to know.

Mentally Ill African Granted US Asylum
DO> This man’s story will move you.

Outcome good for patients with dual alcohol use and affective …
DO> Good news for those with bipolar, don’t you agree?

Experts on bipolar disorder stress importance of early diagnosis
DO> Good information if you have a bipolar teen.

Children Who Lose Close Relative at Risk of Mental Problems: Study
DO> Don’t you think this study is helpful, especially if you have children?

Cortical thickness may distinguish bipolar from unipolar disorder
DO> Don’t you agree that this is an informative study?

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  1. I liked the way I received the information on bipolar letters earlier, when I first began to receive this information. I am not sure how I fell about the way it is now. I would like to have the information on bipolar when I open the site, then if there are other sites to go to list them after the bipolar news. Just my thoughts on what I prefer.


  2. Wow who knew what working with so many “disorders” would accomplish in one’s personal achievement? They always say keep “the work” out of the home. and Keep the home and love life out of the office – I’m glad I took that advice, Dave! I talk for hours and thank God where and when I do this it’s just solely me there.

    somebody must have prayed for Me. I usually hear about the “after the fact” versions of a story that entailed me but someone or many have been praying that I would really recognize why I get stares when I do and that “my version” would be the one that “true friends, neighbors and families” would hear!

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