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Bipolar disorder treatment nonadherence ‘needs more attention’
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Researchers identify new genetic risk factor for psychiatric disorders …
DO> Important study, don’t you think?

Cognition and illness course predict bipolar employment
DO> This just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Prison term for lighting fires
DO> You’ll find this man’s story very sad.

Conversion from psychotic depression to bipolar disorder explored
DO> Important information for you to know.

Childhood trauma link to bipolar symptoms strengthened
DO> Did you know this about bipolar?

Son of Stabbed State Senator Treated for Bipolar Disorder, Friends …
DO> This man’s story will move you.

Bipolarity caution in depressed MS patients
DO> Don’t you think this is an important study?

Support for personal recovery concept in bipolar disorder
DO> Do you agree with these results?

Lefties more likely to have psychotic disorders such as …
DO> Don’t you find this fact interesting?

Early natural history of bipolar disorder mapped
DO> Good information for you to know.

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  1. Here’s a story from Rethink in the UK:

    I’m writing with great news. Today is a huge victory.

    A year ago over 10,000 of you joined us in demanding that Jeremy Hunt, the UK Secretary of State for Health, start listening to mental health patients. Since 2009 there has been no system for asking patients about the care and treatment they have had in inpatient care, while people with physical health problems were routinely asked for their feedback. We thought this was grossly unfair so together we raised our voices and asked Jeremy Hunt to bring back the mental health inpatient survey.

    Because of the action you took, a plan for inspecting mental health services has been announced. If implemented, this will include gathering the views of mental health patients. We hope the information that is gathered will be used to drive up standards and pinpoint services which are letting people down.

    This represents a significant step towards mental and physical health being treated equally. Everyone, regardless of whether they’ve got asthma or bipolar disorder should be entitled to the same quality of care and treatment.

    This goes to show that when we act together, we can make things change for the better. We’ve had an incredible victory but there is so much more to do. I want to ask if you will join me in supporting our new #weneedtotalk campaign.

    We want all people with severe mental illness to have access to talking therapy, when they need it.

    Will you stand up and join me?

    Best wishes,

    Paul Jenkins

    Chief Executive

    Rethink Mental Illness

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