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With schizoaffective disorder, he cycled in and out of hospitals and jail
DO> This man’s story will move you.

Understanding bipolar
DO> You’ll enjoy this informative video.

Chuck E. Cheese killer should not be executed because he had undiagnosed …
DO> Do you think this is just an excuse?

Pa. man gets 25 to 50 years in murder of parents
DO> Do you think this sentence is fair?

Bipolar Writer Comments on Debate Over “Crisis in Psychiatry”
DO> Do you agree with this woman’s opinion?

New trust to treat bipolar
DO> Don’t you wish there were more projects like this around?

Why Psychiatry’s Seismic Shift Will Happen Slowly
DO> Do you think this man’s opinion has strong enough backing?

Trudeau speaks about personal struggles with bipolar disorder to packed …
DO> Her story will move you.

Bipolar disorder, depression the focus of innovative research – Vancouver Sun
DO> Don’t you think these other things are important, too?

Bipolar confusion worries medical experts
DO> Does this worry you as well?

How Will the Affordable Care Act Affect Me?
DO> Is this act confusing to you? This blog should help you understand.

Scientists Close to Identification of Mechanisms that Lead to Bipolar Disorder
DO> Important study, don’t you agree?

Community leaders gather in Helena to battle state’s suicide epidemic
DO> Did you know this about suicide?

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  1. When the drugs and ECT (all psychiatric therapy) is known for destroying the hippocampus, frontal lobe and the cerebrium, why are they used? Also they destroy the body, “first do no harm”? They destroy the soul…
    Damage to these areas are known by science to cause psychological behaviurs. Thus mental illness is iatrogenic. Of the quack, by the quack and for the quack and big pharma whom they serve.

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