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Mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or major depression …
DO> First large study of its kind is interesting, don’t you think?

Bipolar Disorder Beyond Moodiness
DO> Do you agree with his opinion?

Vital Signs: Bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder?
DO> Do you know the differences between these disorders?

Are we over-diagnosing mental illness?
DO> What is your stand on this issue?

Limits Of Lithium
DO> You’ll be interested in this man’s story.

Heather Rose: How to Create the Right Bipolar Diet & Nutrition Plan in 4 Easy …
DO> You’ll want to know this about your loved one’s diet.

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  1. I have felt better than ever except for some slight manic episodes – see them after they are done! Sleeping is interrupted, think because I have gone back on Prozac, can only afford this one because of my income! Trying Melatonin to help! Hope it works. Love your articles! Thanks for the help! I am actually the patient, not the supporter!

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