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Here is the current Bipolar Disorder news. There
is some really interesting stuff. It costs me a lot
of money to put it together so I URGE you to read

Take some time now.


There’s some really interesting news stories this week.
Take a look at them. Also, write me some feedback by
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Here are some of the headlines:

Stanford Hosts Bipolar Education Day for Public

Illness and Physical Appearance

US Court ruling “Bipolar Disorder is physical disorder and not a …

Learn The Bipolar Triggers Or Else

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and The HealthCentral
Network Collaborate to Enhance Internet Resources for …

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  1. Dave,

    Why don’t we put the blame where it belongs?
    On the people who have this.
    They should see the signs coming not us…They should try to stop it not us..
    Thats whats wrong with them..
    Oh poor thing,no matter what distruction they cause it’s ok boo hoo

  2. I am an emotional support for my granddaughter who was diagnosed bipolar at age 16. That was three years ago. I found the article on physical activity very interesting, but my question is “How do you encourage someone with bipolar to exercise if they do not want to>?
    I myself have a physical disability in the form of Rheumatoid ‘Arthritis and I know from my own experience the importance of exercise and mood. Even if I am having a rough day, exercise always always helps.
    Being fairly new to bipolar I know my granddaughter would feel better about herself, but how I or her mother give her the nudge.

  3. Thanks, Dave, I read the article where the Courts deemed bipolar disorder a “physical” rather than an “emotional” illness…how far-reaching THAT order will go!! I was offered disability through Legal Aid when I was “dismissed” in 1981, for a manic episode. When my boss first said he could give me “disability,” I didn’t understand what he meant, and walked home very discouraged. The next day, I realized he was offering me a “way out;” a way to sustain myself while I attempted to work through the outpatient mental health clinic. I went to his office, filled out the forms, and applied for company disability. How elated I was when it was given to me – at that time, $484/month was a rare fortune!

    After four months on disability, however, it was discontinued, and I HAD to find a job. Fortunately, they extended it a month while I was on “probation” at a new job .

    After my husband died, I applied for, and was given Social Security Disability for Bipolar Disorder. Terming “Bipolar Disorder” a “physical” illness, is BOUND to help a LOT of us diagnosed with it, live a life NOT in poverty when it comes to insurance payments. HURRAY to the courts!!

  4. Maria

    You haven’t sent an email discussing being married to someone who is biplorer and how to deal with it. My son has been married 9yrs and wants a divorce.

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