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NOTE-Several of the headlines titles are really weak. I was
thinking that if I turned these in high school I would
get a D. BUT, the content is great so don’t avoid
reading the news because the headlines are really boring.

Here are some of the headlines:

Cardiovascular Disease and Metabolic Risk Factors in Male Patients
DO> Shocking information on the relation between diabetes and cardio
disease and bipolar disorder. My mom found this out the hard way.
Take a look.

Depressing outcomes with bipolar disorder
DO> Great talk on why there are so many kids being diagnosed
with bipolar disorder.

What the Kiwi gossip mags say
DO> This is a really good story to point out what happens
when you are not stable and have bipolar disoder. This
person made a total fool of himself for some time. Now
he has changed.

Professor tells her bipolar story to help others find hope
DO> Great article you must read.

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  1. i have something to ask you. first off i have not been sleeping well. it sucks and i just started a job and already my head is racing. i was taking lithium but i hate it so i was taking off of it. they put me on seriquel but this may not last. i have been reading the side effects and i do not want them. i already have high cholesterol. so i do not want to become diabetic. i need something to help i do not want to mess up my job but am on my way. what is there? i have already lied to my mom saying i am still on lithium. i just do not know what else to do. i feel like no one can help me. do you have any advise.
    regards nico.

  2. I just want to talk to “what”… I am actually on Lithium and Seroquel, so I know about the side effects. I have tried not taking them before, thinking that I was okay so maybe I didn’t really need them. You sound to me like you’re either on the way to a manic episode or already there. And it gets worse. I have learned that my bipolar disorder is my most dangerous health problem,so I deal with the side effects. Unstable bipolar can totally wreck my life.
    A diabetic might not like insulin, but he has no choice but to take it. I feel the same way about my illness and my meds – I just have to take them. Sometimes I’ll get that sneaky thought that I’m doing well and therefore don’t need my meds. If I act on that thought, the consequences are eventually always the same. Without my meds I will always decompensate. Just think about the last time you had an episode… Maybe that will help you to make the right decision and take your meds. You’ll sleep better and think better, and have a better chance of keeping this job. Good luck!!

  3. For anyone who has access to CBC radio one in canada, Sheila Rogers has had a week long series about the care and management of mental illness. It is a ray of hope for the patients andthe loved ones and this morning it focusedon bipolar and depression etc. well worth exploring, They are alwo available on line

  4. I have just received my first copy of ‘Bipolar News’ and wanted to share how grateful I am for this service.
    I’m terrific at isolating myself and running away from doctors and do not know anyone else with BP.
    Knowing that there are people out there who understand my struggle is a HUGE comfort to me, and encouraging me to seek the help and support I KNOW I need.
    The article on building a support network was very timely for me as I am about to move into a new situation and trying to figure out how much or little of my truth to reveal to those around me. My instinct was to be honest but I was afraid, now I know that I need to be upfront with those closest to me, and have a start on how to do it.
    I’m also going to doctor-shop a bit more as I simply do not feel comfortable with my current doc. and now realise that that is a no-win situation.
    Thankyou David, keep up the good work!!

  5. Hi,
    I’m also on the list and I want to thank you for putting all this info out there… We just found out my husband is bipolar and I am really thankful that I find people to relate to, since here in Manaus (Brazil), I couldn’t find any support group… internet will do it then.
    Thanks again…

  6. I’d like to say something to “what”. My partner is on lithium & seroquel & nearly lost his job because he DIDN’T take them. He too complained about the side effects & get so manic that he wound up in hospital for 7 weeks.
    Yes, there are side effects but if you have any issues with your meds, go & see your doctor.

    I’d also like to say that it was good to see the story about the NZ DJ, I’m from NZ & had wondered what had happened to him, his behaviour had made it in the news here & there’d been talk of him being mentally unwell.
    It’s great that he’s gone public & talked about it, it helps others to understand & helps to take away the stigma attached to mental illness.

  7. Dear David, i have bipolar 1 and I’ve noticed that i push things to the edge in my marriage and it causes a lot of arguments yet i don’t know how to stop it or change it, any suggestions? Nora

  8. i`ve just had one sitting with my doc..yesterday (was in happy manic mode) and i got so depressed today and got into the isolation mode that i did not go today i hope i go tomorrow and tht i dont stop myself, its just that my biggest fear is , i`ll never have a normal life and be happily on a job or married in the future. i`m jus 23 and my life is yet to start ….!!!!

  9. I really relate to what ‘nora’ said – I’m always pushing everyone in my life to the absolute limit and although I know I’m doing it I can’t seem to stop it either.
    You’re not alone, seems that neither am I!
    Would be really interested in ANY suggestions or even possible reasons for this behaviour as it has already cost me a lot of friendships & I’m wary of getting close to anyone anymore because I know that I’m going to push and push until they go away anyway.

  10. The article about the “shock jock” Iain Stables highlighted a problem I have encountered with my bipolar illness.

    I make the most WONDERFUL friends when I’m hypomanic. I’m usually euphoric and very spiritual. My friends see me as something of a psychic, and love being with me when my personality is like this. However, when I go into full-blown mania, they turn their backs and leave. Also, I end up apologizing for things I’ve said and done in my manic episode. It’s hard to maintain friendships when you’re bipolar, to say the least. I have lost more friends than the couple TRUE friends I have now; I only worry about going manic again and losing THEIR love.

    There really is NO good way of turning back the clock or taking back words and accusations made when you’re “sick.” The friends don’t understand that you were not “normal” when you said them, and utterly abandon you when you need them the most.

    Well, that’s only one comment I have on the Bipolar News today. The other articles dealt with people in manic episodes who broke the law or were incarcerated. It breaks my heart that these “bad news” articles are the ones that get the attention.

    Thank you for allowing me to vent on this blog. I appreciate everything David does for us through his research and his emails. David – you ROCK!!

    BIG HUGS and God’s blessings on all supporters and sufferers. God loves you, and so do I:)

  11. ok first off i love your letters and your support….i am a 32 year old mom that has bipolar and it seems like your news letters and stuff are the only things that can help me…my family swears there is nothing wrong with me and i have no support there…not even my husband even though i fight with him on a daily bases…i have no taken my meds in 6 months or seen a doctor for that long for the simple fact that my husband is the only one working and we don’t have the money to spend on things like that or insurance (which i have called all the numbers on tv but as soon as i say bipolar they say no or the rates are very high)…so anyways i thought i would write you and tell you to keep up the good work…thanks, Tracy

  12. my son is 12 years old and just recently diagnosed with pediatric bipolar disorder. i can honestly say i am scared of him when he goes off! he will put things around his neck he tried swallowing a balloon he has pushed me and his dad. he has been hospitalized twice and put in placement and now goes to a special school that helps out of control kids. is there any light at the end of the tunnel for me and my son? he is so young and really sweet and loving on good days? thanks for all the letters and your page and i wish you and all the ppl who visit your sight much good luck

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