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Okay with that said let’s get to the bipolar news.

To read this week’s news visit:

Here are some of the headlines:

Psychiatry Makes War on “Bipolar Children”
DO> Hmmm. What do you think about this?

Update: Defense psychiatrist says Diehl-Armstrong has bipolar
DO> Interesting article.

Genetics And Bipolar Disorder: Talk Shop With Dr. Melvin G. McInnis
DO> Great article.

Alternative Medications For Bipolar Disorder
DO> What do you think about this?

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  1. I have a question. If someone would answer me I would really appreciate it. One of the post said that people with bipolar usually only have like 2 episodes a year. I know everyone is different, I am on meds and doing much better, but it seems like I get angry a LOT, I know when I get to a certain point I have to leave work because I am afraid of what I might do or say. But this happens to me all the time, not just a couple times a year. So am I just like way off the mark or why do I get that way so often? Is it normal at all? i am still trying to understand all of it, and only recently diagnoised, but this has been going on for years and getting worse, until recently. Could someone please explain why I get that way so often?

  2. Your Doctor is the one that can explain all to you; each individual is diferent so in order for you to cope with getting angry the best thing is to tell your Doc.

    Also will help you a lot to read about bipolar, look for them at your town library, and also check David website it is really amazing the job he’ve done.

    They are people with bipolar that have rapid circles, and they do have more than ones or 2 episodes a year. You need to read about what you have, the doctors will medicate and do they best for you but they are other thing you need to do by yourself to get better.

    Please read:

    PS: My primary language is Spanish so excuse me for my grammar.

    Best wishes


  3. Thank you ALexia, I think I will go to the library tomorrow, or one day next week.
    I know I have since quit my job, found out I am also schitzophrenic and am in the middle of filing for disability, with things still going pretty bad.
    Thanks for the reply.

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