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What’s A Mental Disorder? Even Experts Can’t Agree
DO> Do you think this is crazy or what?

Pregnant Female Veterans Twice as Likely to Suffer Mental Health Problems
DO> Very interesting and strange at the same time, don’t you agree?

Sports and Mental Illness: How Bipolar Disorder Can Affect Athletic Performance
DO> WOW, this is very interesting, take a look.

1 In 10 Teens Think Mental Illness Is ‘fashionable’
DO> What do you think about this?

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  1. When I attempted to read this week’s bipolar news, all I got was a message saying, “This Page Not Found.”

  2. David you have gremlins again! For the second week can’t read the bipolar news again.Help please.

  3. Sorry I wanted to apply to some books but someone takes my Disabity Check. I might borrow from a friend. I have no living family any more and down here we have no real help, I have been to er several

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