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How’s it going?

It’s snowing big time here. I was suppose
to go to a big interview/meeting in New York
but the roads are closed.

The airports have up to a TEN hour delay.

Imagine that. I once say in an airport
for 10 hours actually only 9.3 hours.

It was horrible.

I am going to film some of the snow
today with my super cool new video
system. I’ll post it tomorrow.

Anyway, Here’s the bipolar news.

Make sure you take a look. It takes a lot of time to put the news
together so please read it.

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There’s some really interesting news stories this week.
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Here are some of the headlines:

Getting ‘Off Meds’ Has Consequences
DO> Great article

Linda Hamilton conquers disorder
DO> Very interesting article

Eliminate stigma for mental illness
DO> This is a big problem, must read.

Don’t Blame Special Education Children
DO> What do you think about this?

Author Steel knows Spears family mental illness pain
DO> So do a lot of people other than famous authors 🙂

NMR reveals polarised brain chemistry
DO> Interesting

Mentally ill addicts fight dual demons
DO> Very difficult. A few people work for me had
this problem.

Mental Health in Children: Nutrition as a Common Sense Alternative
DO> What do you think about this one?

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  1. Dear dave; I read the news you sent me on the children in the special education, this is true, they dont know how to teach nor deal with a child that has special needs. my son is in the 6th grade now and his special ed teacher screams in his face and constantly puts him by his self in a room with only a desk and hes constantly punished or sent home, because he doesnt do his work right or doesnt understand and she sure doesnt know how to talk to him to calm him down as a matter of fact she makes things worse. she acts like she cant stand son has bipolar/and eplipsey.Hes so stressed by the time he gets home he has seizures and crys a lot, his neurologist even wrote her a letter, but it has done no good!I think the special education teachers need educated!ur friend kat

  2. I read the article about mentally ill addicts. My significant other has Bipolar and is a recovering alcoholic. I also have Bipolar. I’m also a therapist and know all too well the pain of trying to get someone into detox that’s on medications or into a Bipolar support group that’s doing drugs. Instead of helping one another, the substance abuse and mental health providers are mutually exclusive, even when they’re on the same campus. It is very easy for dually diagnosed people to fall through the cracks. My specialty happens to be dually diagnosed people and it’s a rough road. I work with both children and adults. I wish there were more programs that dealt with dually diagnosed people, understanding the need for medications and trying to keep them from using. I do individual, family, and group therapy plus I offer a support group. I have put together a resource guide of the clinics, doctors and organizations where my clients can find assistance. That was not an easy task even though I live in a metropolitan area. But as someone who was misdiagnosed with depression and anxiety until I was in my early 30’s and being in a relationship with someone who has difficulty staying on his meds and off the alcohol, I feel the need to do everything possible to help others with similar problems.

  3. Hi David,
    Your site has been really useful for me. Have been following your daily postings.I dont know if I have bipolar or not, but the psychiatrists are saying that I am not showing the core symtoms of BPD.Nonetheless as per them it is depresion or some sort of Nagging problem since a very long time it seems. I somehow feel that doctors should not treat the patients having mental disorders as cases but as human beings.That is when the one would not feel embaressed or guilty of going through the suffering that one goes through.
    Coming to me I am so scared of my behaviour now.I have lost the confidence in me that I will respond to things in a normal way.U know what I mean.However I am fighting against it every moment.I don’t know how my life is becoming this bad,but it is.m at the verge of lossing my job.I am going to walk away from that job rather than just exist working in that company.
    ALready had a hefty financial loss in stocks. 3/4 of the years savings:-(
    Have read frued’s theory , Victor frakyl’s. You would ask me why on earth.As I said, I am somehow not feeling that when I go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist they are analysing my case in a scientific way rather then in a human way.I don’t know how genuine the medical practice is in US, but in India it has become sort of business.Anyways why am I writing all this…
    May be just to share me feeling low at this moment. The Irony was , just in the noon I was feelin so good , thinking that I should start my life afresh.But by evening I have realized that I have to take a decision within few days about my job.Have been thinking of leaving it since couple of years anyways.But the very thought of being jobless is scaring the hell out of me.Hmm..I am determined to get a new job, but somewhere I am having some concerns..Hope I should be able to sort them out.Like Frankyl said “Try to find a meaning for ur suffering” and “say yes to life inspite of everything”, I suggest all the readers never to giveup. I might be at crossroads rught now.Because of the too much of psychological books I am reading or the problems I am having.My probles have been delayed till this moment.I knew I had to break this vicious cycle, and I knew that all I had been doing was just pushing them aside.And now I am given no option than action :-).Its a challenge that I have take up and if I succeed ,then I guess the void that I have been having within me since 2 years would be removed. I might be confused about my pshychology as well because of my reading , but I would have been worse without reading them.

  4. Hi everyone,

    Man stiggma I don’t know whats wores Mental illness, meds side effects or stigma. Wouldn’t it be great ( with the deinsturtutionalizing of mental illness). The media take a realistic angle on Britney Spears eppisode. & treat her & her illness with the same respect & genuine consern Farra Forcett is getting for her corages fight with canser???!

    Dave your mum was having troubble a while back with an eppisode & her computer. You never let us knoww if all is well now? Is your mum OK?

    Pls 4give my poor gramma & spelling.

    Take care, Take meds fellow recepture gremline fighters. I mean that nicely as we do have phyical receptures in our brain like anyone eals it’s just that they don’t conect for us some time & I find they let me down when Life is in turmoil & I need them to work at their best. So med ajustment is needed to keep the gremlines at bay. Bet you can realate to that.

  5. DAVE, Lots of interesting news. I have heard it many times that “coming off meds” can be dangerous. What do you think about a doctor manipulating meds? Not long ago when my boyfriend was feeling “down” his doctor or psychiatrist (probably both, as they usually work together) increased the dose of antidepressants. He told me he always has a higher dose when he is down, which since he has been on the right cocktail (about 2 years) has prevented any attempts or even thoughts of suicide. He has been fairly stable since I have known him (about a year) and his episodes either way have been minor.

    This time when his antidepressants were increased, at first he got sort of hypomanic, which can be fun for both of us. The last time I saw him (Wednesday) he told me he was going to meet a notorious alcoholic woman for a drink. To start with, it’s crazy to go out for a drink with an alcoholic. That woman is in a very bad way, when drunk (which is most of the time) she often gets totally out of control and very violent. A couple of years ago he picked her out of the gutter and really believed he could help her. Soon after he introduced us she physically attacked me. She is not bipolar as far as we know, but very alcoholic. She has caused tons of trouble in his life. Last year she did something quite unforgivable and for several months he didn’t want to know her. Everything was getting better after that. There’s also an ex-girlfriend and neighbour (i mentioned her before) who is trying to cause trouble and he seems to see the sense now not to let her. But the drunk is worse! Last year I warned him to “watch his back” with her, as I wouldn’t put anything past her and she could pull a knife one day. He thinks I’m jealous, as he has had dealings with so many jealous women, but I’m not like that. What’s she got that I haven’t, except for a serious alcohol addiction and a violent nature. She uses people and wears them out emotionally.

    The last couple of days he sent me lots of texts and phoned me a couple of times telling me how much he loved me and there was no-one else but me, etc. etc. He was supposed to come over tonight and didn’t. He probably tells me tomorrow that he fell asleep. He says he is not having sex with her – she would be too drunk to appreciate it. I hope and pray that he is telling the truth. It seems to be a symptom of bipolar disorder to be economical with the truth and I have known him to tell fibs before. If he ever had sex with her I would be really worried – goodness knows where she’s been! He will probably fall out with her again the next time she gets violent. When he phoned me earlier today he was talking fast and you and people on this blog often said that’s a sign of an episode. I’m a bit “down” myself at the moment, having had a depleting head cold the last few days. Maybe I’m over-reacting, but I love this man and really care about him.

  6. Dear Dave,
    I read the news article about Dual Disorder. I am a dualy. It is very difficult at times. Having Bipolar and addiction don’t mix very well. I live every day to the best of my ability, however there are days that using seems to be a better answer than my meds. I don’t do that of course but it is very tempting some days.
    Thanks for the article. I could totally relate!

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