Bold Move to Help Bipolar Disorder


The other day I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone and he says, “I’ve got to go. I’ve got to take my daughter out for a walk.” Believe it or not…He wasn’t talking about his real daughter, he was talking about his DOG!!! lol But some people do feel about their pets like they’re their children, don’t they? I’m sure you’ve seen or known people like that. Maybe even you’ve been like that when you’ve had a pet in the past. But here’s the point: Animals can really capture our hearts, and they can be very good for us. In fact, a dog can be very good for a person with depression. Even for a person with bipolar depression. At times, I talk about trying whatever works with your loved one, and if something isn’t working with them, you need to try something new – whatever works, that’s what you need to do, even if it may seem strange at first.

But using a dog to treat depression isn’t a new thing – They’ve been trying it for awhile, and it’s been working with success! For one thing…You can kind of figure that just having something

that offers you unconditional love and affection would be good for you emotionally, wouldn’t

you? So that would be a major advantage to having a dog for your loved one’s bipolar depression. But there are also emotional benefits to loving and giving affection to someone (something) else as well. In addition…There is the added benefit of having to take care of that dog. It would help to take the emphasis off your loved one. They would be caring about something other than themselves and their problems for a change. They would be seeing to the needs of someone else. It would give them something to do. It would give them something to think about. It would give them a higher activity level. It would give them a higher purpose (or even just a purpose, if all they’ve been doing is lying in bed or on the couch). It would give them some goals. It would give them someone to interact with. It would give them something to wake up for. It would give them some responsibility. It would help them feel better about themselves.

And more. Do you see all the benefits?

Up until now, your loved one has probably only depended on you for their love and affection.

And that’s a pretty big responsibility for you to shoulder by yourself. But a dog would give them unconditional love and affection naturally, too. And dogs are also a source of joy – They can be very entertaining. They can really make you laugh with some of their antics. Can you imagine your loved one actually laughing again? I mean…Not just starting to come out of their depression and starting to care about something again… But actually laughing at something?

Wouldn’t that be great? Maybe this is something you could try for your loved one. It certainly has been working for other people with bipolar disorder.

Well, I have to go!

Your Friend,


  1. yes, Sir!! i sure was Watching the News and i saw a woman who granted her deploid husband from the marines and then She saw her Dog and she screamed out “My Messiah”!!! so i could certainly understand; lol

    Life is bowl of Cherries, you never know what you are going to get


  2. This is for Mr.Dave Oliver, You are the greatest,but I must continue this later. Thank you so much for your concern. With All Love And Affection, Robyn

  3. This is for Mr. Robert Seaton, You inspired me to check out this site because someone you loved very much was suffering of this and gave you that treatment and you couldn’t devote your friendship to me. This has been a pattern for me as I also 2 ex boyfriends whose loved ones were afflicted with this disorder as well and treated them as the family pet instead of the beloved beaus.

    Good Night and Queridos!!!!!,Sharon (1017)

  4. yes, it’s good to have pet, especialy, when previuos frends do not whant to be aroud ill person.My daughter most of the time is at home with her too cats.

  5. yeah Dave it’s like the Story of the Hare and the Turtle

    amazing how the Turtle arrived before the Hare! I couldnt’ possibly have seen this coming

    Got a friend to help

    see how good it is to have pets – My husband’s were oh sooooooo loyal to him – he even warned his wife to get these because sometimes spoiled daughters do not want to be around mothers and sisters who are ill let alone husbands who enable the illness.


  6. About 7 to 8 weeks ago my psychiatric Dr. I asked for a letter from him to get a service dog. To my suprise He gave me a letter to get a DOG for a service dog. Which I believe can take any where with out cost. As long as he does not bark or jump up on people and pees in the right places. Follows simple good mannors. A good breeder friend gave me a 4 1/2 year old male small dog, the next day after the letter was recieved. I guess I was ment to have him. I take him every where with me. Including work,the market and church. I’ve shown the letter to every one who needs to see it. He had made a big difference in my life.

  7. Yes, having a service dog has helped me stay calm in situations that I would normally get really mad, and yell. Im big polar. These privilege of having this trained dog keeps me more whole.I can love this dog and she loves me back.

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