Bipolar: Funny Expression


I heard a funny expression recently that I wanted to share with you (we just can’t be serious all the time, you know?) It goes: “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” Isn’t that cute? I thought it was (then again, you might think I’m a little bit crazy lol). But it kind of has to do with what I wanted to talk to you about today.

See…There are some people who are worriers. You know what I’m talking about? Maybe you know someone like that. And these people are going to worry about things no matter what happens. No matter what you say to them. They’re just going to worry, because that’s what they

do. All the time. They’re just worriers. That makes them very negative people. These type of people get sicker than other people. Did you know that? It’s true. Oh, not just the hypochondriacs who worry that they’re sick (when usually they aren’t, they’re just worried

that they are). But people who worry are generally more stressed than people who don’t worry.

But people who don’t worry are less stressed. That’s because they’re generally more positive than the people who worry. But people who worry live in fear. And that’s the bottom line. I don’t want you to live in fear. I mean…Yes, you fight a battle. And bipolar disorder is a very serious thing. It can even be fatal. But if you worry about it…If you live in fear of it…You’ll just worry yourself sick. Really – You could seriously make yourself sick over it. Because worry can bring stress. And stress has been known to bring illness on people. Stress can even cause heart attacks and strokes. Yes, stress can be deadly. So you want to be as stress-free as you can. Not just for your loved one, but for yourself as well.

Because what good are you going to be to your loved one if you’re no good to yourself? You can’t take care of them if you’re first not taking care of yourself. I know, I know. I harp on that a lot. I do, because I want you to listen to it. You are a very important person. Not just an important person in your loved one’s life…But a very important person in life itself. And you do need to take care of yourself. You don’t need to worry. And you don’t need to live in fear. You need to live life the best way I know how: “One Day at a Time.” Just do the best you can, with a positive attitude, one day at a time.

Well, I have to go!

Your Friend,


  1. apparently I’ve been stressing a woman out that I love very much – I’m giving her the impression that i share email and phone information with people that are close to her and this inspires “suspicion”; I realize when I came back into her life with my many issues and tongue lashings about a former, i didnt’ give her enough time to feel the love that she would uniquely need.

    i am trying my very best to convince her that i have no interest or correlation with a particular sister of hers that uses “taunting words”; I realize I also might have used my tongue unwisely in talking way to much about my past interludes with other women arousing suspicion and fear (an unnatural substance that already takes place in her environment. I dread her hearing the next revelation aside from a “walk to remember” or more tongue lashing I(a language only understood by 3 -9 year olds)

    I love Marie, only Big Brother is her friend and I want her to understand a kitchen picture that I took with a former (i was not trying to make her think anything of it)

    Marie please believe only Willie’s version (who sent that – 12:16)?

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