Bipolar Lesson: Who Says “I stepped on my cat, I couldn’t come to work”?


You might think I am crazy but I’m not.

I am going to share something really important with you

First, I wanted to tell you, due to the massive growth
of this organization I am going to be hiring a number
of people.

I am really looking forward to it. Right now, there
are about 15 people who make this entire thing happen
on a daily basis. And that doesn’t include many of
the vendors I use.

There will be new administrative, customer service,
research, writing, reviewing and other positions a

I will be sending a link in the coming week or
weeks where people can apply. It will be
going to my lists of supporters and
people with mental illnesses.

Do you think I am crazy? Well I am not.

Right now I have 8 people who work for me that
have a mental illness. Oddly, in my f.ree consultation
certificates for NON medical and NON legal questions
(because I am NOT a doctor or attorney), you get
with my courses/systems:




Want to know this strange question:

“What is it like to work with some many
people with a mental illness?”

At first I thought that was really odd. But
then I thought about it and could understand
why someone would want to know.

Well, it’s no problem. I must say, I have VERY
little problems with anyone that works for me
that has a mental illness. Keep in mind all
these people are stable and doing great.

They actually work hard and appreciate the
work I give.

Some people do require “time off” on certain
days because of some limitations. But it’s
no different than anyone else at another company.

On the other hand, the people that I am currently
moving away from that do my printing have NO
mental illness at all and have missed 80% of
scheduled meetings, make all kinds of excuses,
don’t do the job right, require my mom to be
an adult baby sitter for all of them
and they forget to print jobs all the time.

Look at this statement, the one in the subject
line I sent you:

I stepped on my cat, I can’t come to work today.”

Guess who told me that? Guess and then scroll…


Someone who does NOT have a mental illness. It’s a person
who handles my printing and that’s what I was told when
she missed I think meeting number 14 or so. Maybe it was 15
or 13. She misses so many I lost track. But it’s not just her,
her boss missing the meetings, her boss’s boss misses them
as well.

It just doesn’t stop with these folks, there are others that I
deal with that have no mental illness that do the same thing.

Time and time again, the people that make stuff happen for
me, the people who are there when I need them, have a mental
illness. It’s the strangest thing.

Take a look at this person as been diagnoses between the ages of
16 and 45:

Depression (also Situational Depression)
Chronic Major Depression (with suicide risk)
Dysthymic Disorder
Panic Disorder
Adult ADHD

Antisocial Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Schizoaffective Disorder
Substance Abuse
Anxiety Disorder

Multiple Personality Disorder
Psychosis NOS
Bipolar Disorder I (with and without Psychotic Features)
Bipolar Disorder II (with Suicidal Ideologies)
Bipolar Disorder – Mixed Type
Bipolar Disorder – Rapid Cycle
Bipolar Disorder – NOS – with Auditory & Visual Hallucinations

This is someone who works for me, Michele. She is one of the BEST
people that has ever worked for me. She does a great job.

Hey, and you know my attitude. I am not handing out charity
jobs/work. If someone works for me and they are no good
they get fired. Period. So, if someone works for me and
has a mental illness you know they are doing great.

They get treated equal and treated just like everyone else.

Anyway, Michele never misses stuff, makes excuses. If she has a bad day
and she does, she or someone contacts me to let me know.

She doesn’t hide from me like a lot of the other clowns I deal
with that don’t have a mental illness. Like the “I stepped
on my cat and couldn’t come to work that day” woman.

She told me this 2 days AFTER she didn’t show up for a
meeting she was SUPPOSE to be at. She didn’t even bother
to call and let me know ahead time.

Back to the story, when I have MAJOR problems, Michele
is one of the first people
that I call because she has this INCREDIBLE ability to
come up with simple solutions to complex problems.

For all of you in the Bipolar Inner Circle at: (which is not
taking new people now), you are in it because of Michele.

There were so many problems when I started it, I was going
to shut it all down. I was super mad and it was costing me
a fortune. It was driving me out of my mind.

I went to Michele and asked her to help me compose
a letter saying “sorry, this is going to be shut down” and
she asked me what was the problem.

I went on and on for about 30 minutes. She asked if I could give
her 1 hour and call back. I was like “Well, okay but let’s get
the letter done.” She said to me that we won’t need the letter.

I called back and she had a solution to EVERY SINGLE problem.
Solutions that didn’t cost a ton of money, didn’t require
a degree from Harvard to implement. As a result the Bipolar
Inner Circle is doing GREAT. People love it and it’s really
because of her.

She is just one example of the help I have gotten from
the people that work for me that have a mental illness.

BUT, I don’t want you to think that only the people with
a mental illness help keep this organization going because
that’s not true. There are others as well.

BUT, the point of my email is that people with a mental
illness can do well, and do great, with proper treatment.

Michele told me that NOBODY thought she would be a success.
I mean let’s be honest. If I gave you a sheet of paper and
listed all those diagnoses and asked you, “do you think
this person would do well?” You would think I was crazy.

Anyway, there are sooooooo many people like her out there
that do great things but you don’t even know they have
a mental illness.

It’s virtually impossible to find these people. I have
spent almost $100,000 doing so. I am going to be
sharing their secrets really soon.

I just looked at the clock. I have to run. See you tomorrow.

Your Friend,


P.S. Check out my F.ree blog with copies of emails that I have
sent in the past and lots of great information for you:

P.P.S Check out my F.ree podcast. Hear me give mini seminars
designed to teach you information you can’t learn anywhere else.

  1. Hi David, WOW, I am beginning to wonder how all “printers” can have such similar alibis? I will be looking for your help wanted notice. As a Bi-polar supporter it would help me tremendously to make it into the working world from my home office. I am already disabled and recently was diagonosed with ITP, a rare blood disorder and am homebound for the time being (anyone who thinks the stress we are under as supporters are hypochondriacs can call me! :))
    Bless you for all you do. I can not afford to buy any programs but live to read your daily “bread”. Bless you! Someday80

  2. hi dave and michele…
    i read your most recent e/mail and if you are looking for people to work for you, please send me some application information. i only work part time now and would be most interested in a creative, new job, with the best job incentives- meeting wonderful, intelligent new people. i have been around individuals with mental illnesses my whole life, almost. i am fully aware of the hidden genius beneath what others overlook. my boyfriend is manic/depr. bipolar, adhd, among other things, you are both fully aware of. i have been faithfully reading your mail, and greatly admire all you have accomplished. youre an awesome son, and human being, to have done so much for so many, all because of your mom… whom you obviously love very much. thats just the best~ please get in touch w/me. my e/mail address is i live in morris county. coming to work, and being ontime would not be a problem. thank you very much.

  3. i lost my job because i was in the middle of switching doctors and having major medication changes. as a result of these changes, i was too sick to work. my supervisor, who happened to be a friend of mine as well (not a very good one as i later found out) knew about me being bipolar and slipped. they fired me due to “poor performance” and “abandonment of position.” this all took place two weeks after my EXCELENT review. i loved that job. i’ve been out of work since march of 2005, depressed and disapointed in the world. i love to work and i work hard. i’d love to work for a cause so close to my heart. when you do hire more people, please don’t forget about me. I’ve stepped on my cat many times but it’s never been an excuse not to go to work and feel like i’m accomplishing something.


  4. Dave,
    I was very excited to read your last email. I am a 51 yr. old woman diagnosed as ADHD. I am also a very close friend to two people diagnosed as Bipolar. I love to do Internet research on health and mental health issues and use the “hyper focus” ability from my ADHD to do so. My work experience has been as an administrative assistant, training coordinator and technical writer. I have worked for several major companies in the aerospace and defense industries. I love creating PowerPoint presentation, web pages, and writing training material as well. I will be sure to send you my resume when you begin accepting applications. I am currently working from home and doing temporary work outside the home as needed. God bless you as you have blessed so many others!

  5. David,

    If you need help with printing and graphics than I can do that. I currently am the buyer and print specialist for a large retail company (5th in the world). I have graphic experience and a lot of vendors who are extremely competitive from graphic design, prepress and printing – both web and digital. Send me some specs on a job you are doing and I’ll get you some prices. I am a mom of a 16 year old with Bipolar Depression. I am at home for a few weeks to help stabilize him because his last meds threw him in a agitated manic high – bad combination. Would love the diversion of doing something that I know how to do – printing and graphics!


  6. David, I can’t say Thank You enough. You see, I Love my wife very much. She has Bipolar and ADHD. She has been in crisis since November when her son attempted suicide. He is Bipolar also. She has filed for divorce and I don’t want it to happen. I am her fourth husband and all I want is for her to be healthy. I have been through the bank account and credit card problems, but I still Love her with all of my heart. At 42 years old, I am not ashamed to say that after reading some of your material, I cried. You have been there and your writings have helped me tremendously. I just hope I can get her the help she needs before I am ex number 4.

  7. i worked with a girl in home health/hospiceL late daily, the train stopped herm /” the train didn;t run any nore, she was just late daily

  8. my thought is or was if i am going to be late,,, then i’m late the rest of the day, we worked with a understanding boss, i used to tellnher ” doesn’t everyone know the night before they have to work he next day” teresa

  9. David,
    I appreciate your e-mails and I have learned a lot. You do a great (and important)job! Would you like help, though, with proof-reading? I am especially good at grammer and spelling and would be interested in helping.
    (ADD and Depression!)

  10. Wow, David! I am so soryy that you are having problems with your folks! Yes, I too have learned from experience that the people whom you expect to perform well for you are not the ones who do (for the most part)! conversly, Those people whom we expect less from usually exceed our expectations! My 15 year old daughter has just recently been diagnosed as Bipolar. I am so glad that you are doing the work to help us understand this extremely exasperating illness. Thank you so much! I know that God will bless you so much for all of the work you are doing! He will put the right people in your path and help you to continue publishing this very insightful and informative newsletter. I pray that God will bless me really soon with the funds to purchase your course that will further assist me in understanding how to deal with teens with Bipolar disorder. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all that you are doing to make me and others aware and comforted by empowering us with the knowledge to cope with and understand what our loved ones and others are going through! Oh by the way, if there is any way that I can help, please send me an application and descriptions on positions that you need to fill. I am retired Navy and may be of assistance to you in some form or fashion. sincerely, Ms Daleya “Dee” Johnson

  11. Dear Dave, this job search may be the answer to the prayers of my son and I. Jeff is 34, lives in Winter Park, FL, graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater on the Dean’s list, is athletic, beyond bright, and wants to get back into the workplace very badly. He’s terrified that if has a bad day, bad hour or bad moment,that he will be fired. Consequently, he wants to work with people like himself, those who understand, those he can give strength to and from whom receive strength back. He takes his meds, has 2 wonderful doctors, and does everything he’s supposed to do. We anxiously await the job postings. Thank you for everything, and for sharing Michele’s success story with us. Norma Jean

  12. Greetings David:

    Thank God I’ve a best friend who has introduced me to this site.
    Years of questionable family suicides and various mental illnesses on both sides, from bipolar to whichever, I’ve been led to be here and willing to assist whatever positions is needed that I may fulfill.

    Please!!!Include me to your gracious list of applicant’s. Homebound most of the time and bedridden, I strongly feel the need to be productive. I may seem extremely limited to some people, only to find out I still may be productive within my limits.

    I’ve excellent interpersonal and personal leadership skills and would forward my application to you pronto when asked.

    Odd as it may seems, I dreamt of my father last nite and it was he who suffered bipolar and took his life in the basement of his own home. With gun in hand Nov. 13, 1982 he was gone from our lives.

    Father was a high functioning bp sufferer and was only diagnosed just a short few years before.

    I strongly believe this is my avenue to reach out and be as supportive in whatever area I am needed most. I would be so honored to be accepted and proud to be of service in this era of mental illnesses. I too suffer from clinical depression and other.

    The continuity of your endeavours will be pricless. Thanks a million for not giving up. Thank You! for allowing me this opportunity to feel useful once again in life.
    May I be of your service,

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