Bipolar? Don’t Let This Discourage You


How are you today?

I hope you’re fine.

It’s hard not to think about the economy these days, as everywhere you look, every newspaper you read, every radio you listen to, and everyone you talk to, is all about it.

We hear about businesses closing down.

About people losing their jobs.

About people losing their homes…

Even having to go through foreclosure or bankruptcy.

There is no doubt that the state of our economy is not a good one.

But you don’t have to let this discourage you.

The people who are still making it through the recession are people who have had to change their way of thinking.

They’ve had to make some hard decisions, but they’ve done it.

Some have had to completely change their lifestyles.

Some have had to ask for government assistance.

Some have had to depend on family and friends for help.

Some have even started home businesses to try to keep an income, or have had to take a second job.

It’s the same with bipolar disorder itself.

Just like the state of the economy is a fact that you’ve had to adjust to, so bipolar disorder is a fact that you have to adjust to.

It does mean making life changes.

But just as people are adjusting to the economy, so you can adjust to bipolar disorder.

For example, you have to deal with your loved one going into bipolar episodes.

They act different when they’re like that.

And you have had to change your life around because of it.

In my courses/systems, when I talk about learning how to manage bipolar disorder, I teach about some of these lifestyle changes, and how they are a necessity.







But just like people have a choice in how they deal with our poor economy, you also have a choice in how you deal with your loved one’s bipolar disorder.

When someone loses their job because of the economy, it can be considered a setback.

But then they have a choice:

They can sit back and feel sorry for themselves and complain about the government and the economy, which won’t get them anywhere but angry and frustrated.


They can take it in stride and find another job/career or source of income.

Like with bipolar disorder, there will be setbacks in your loved one’s recovery.

They won’t be episode-free forever.

But sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself and complaining about having bipolar disorder won’t get you anywhere but angry and frustrated.

You just have to accept that episodes are inevitable, and they will happen.

You can’t let these setbacks discourage you or your loved one.

Yes, episodes will happen, but your loved one can still achieve stability.

Sometimes it may seem like one step forward and two steps back, but just like in life, you still have to keep plugging away at it.

Don’t let setbacks discourage you.

Recovery is still possible, even with bipolar episodes.

Just don’t give up.

  1. My boyfriend with bi polar lost his job8 weeks ago. Unemployment has started but I was wondering if there was any place to ask for help with the meds. The insurance went with the job and hell be running out in a month. We did manage to get the 3 month supply just before it ended. We just need help covering the Depakote. Any information would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you Johna

  2. What an encouraging message today!!!! After being very bitter about having bipolar disorder, I have come to think of it as not just something I HAVE but something I AM and have always been. I try to see it as an extra range of emotion that most people do not get to feel. Looking back on my life even before I had noticable symptoms (at 26), I had an excess in feelings and range of emotion. Now at 43 I usually have a handle on my illness (or extra range of emotion)!!!!

  3. dear dave, thanks for your words of encouragement! I truly enjoy your posts.i will never give up on my son! God Bless you & yours!!

  4. I admire your study of a Bipolar Patient and must agree that you have definitely put in some real hard work on the subject,However i fail to understand as to how your course can help me as my patient is not agreeable to any suggestion/medication so please give me some tips as to how am i to believe that your course will help me.

  5. Hi there I need to bring somthing to your attention. There are many folks who get somewhat depressed etc they are misdiagnosed with bipolar when there are other underlying factors that is causing the problems. I am sure you have been made aware of many things like this. I wanted to cover somthing here about Thyroid disease and thyroid problems. There are many ladies that are getting this everyday more and more in the united states and they go to one doc after another to be told they are fine and they know darn well they are not fine. So some are then told they have bipolar when the real underlying factor is the thyroid. The thyroid causes lots of things in your body to be out of wack so to speak that includes mood swings being unable to sleep etc. I know there are lots of ladies out there who are somewhat overweight and they are on the right diet. Yet they struggle everyday with a weight issue and when they go to the doctors because of the weight issues and the depression that has been caused from underlying factors they are told you cant be eating right among other factors and called pretty much lyers. Then they are told after going to more doctors well this is in your mind . I was one of these that was eating right yet I was overweight Ive been battling with weight issues all my life and I eat healthy and apply the proper exersize to my life also. I did lose 100 lbs but that was all that came off Ive still got a belly that wont go away. I went to one after another doctor and was told I was a manic depressed person lol. Imagine that they put me on some medication that hurt my liver etc. I went off the meds and now I realize the complete underlying factors that caused all my depression and mood swings was the thyroid. I want to make everyone aware of this. I know there are many ladies out there who are going through what I went through over the years. I went off the meds and went on 5htp its great and now im on thyroid treatment and I can now sleep all night and no nightmares. I go to the bathroom normal just wanted to let the public that sometimes the doctors do misdiagnois folks… Brenda……………..also My daughter has this its heriditary..

  6. My boyfriend of 15 years was diagnosed with BP type two 3 years ago. He is on lamotrigine 300 mg but still he got depressive and manic episodes twice a year (usually it is depression first followed by mania)The episodes happen in the spring as well as in October-November.Whenever he is manic he wants to break up our relationship but after a couple of months he comes back. I do not know how to deal with it and I am very scared of future episodes. I would like to know: how often other BP people get the episodes, is there anything to prevent mania. The problem is that he will visit his doctor when he is depressed and change the dosage of his med but he does not want to see doc when he is manic:(.Any advice?

  7. Dear David,

    It is true that econnmy is in bad shape. But for people with bipolar it is even worse because of the lack of finances, ruined lives, family relationships which brings on added stress.

  8. I try to keep from being discouraged during this “recession,” but I have under $10 in my checking account until my disbursement the first of the month. I applied for Food Stamps – and they said I “earned too much to quaify.” Wha..? Fortunately, my Mom offered to send me some money to get me through, but it’s coming from WY to VA, and may NOT arrive until next week. I have a VERY good friend who would lend me the money to buy gas – but she’s already been MORE than generous with me, and I don’ want to outwear my welcome.

    Because I have been dizzy for 2 months today, I have been unable to do my Mystery shops. I couldn’t imagine doing a shop and NOT being at the top of my game, so the little I earn from those, has dried up. I had my MRA yesterday, but, per usual, my PCP is not in the office today to give me the results, so I have to wait until tomorrow. “Pins and needles” wondering if it showed ANYTHING at all…

    I’m sorry for anyone losing their benefits as well as their jobs in this economy. I have only Soc. Sec. Disability and a small pension from my late husband. It is NOT enough to sustain my life. AND – I HAVE had to change my lifestyle DRASTICALLY because of these tight times. It IS hard, but I am gradually adjusting.

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love us. May God bless you real good. I pray for my country.

    P.S. Rest in Peace, Senator Edward Kennedy. I had the pleasure of watching him on the floor of the Senate back in 1968, with his brother, Bobby. I felt like I was in the Pantheon, watching all these great men at work. It is one of my fondest memories.

  9. Suzanne, I had my mri today also, my doctor is thinking maybe I have Menieres diease. Check it out on the internet. I was having alot of the same issues as you.

  10. To BETTY: Thanks for the “heads-up” about Menieres disease. I’ve NEVER heard of it before, but will “Google” it tonight. Hope you are feeling better; I’m just not myself with this “hangover” feeling, and want ANSWERS…

  11. VESNA, it really depends on the individual how often they have episodes and what they are like. It also depends on whether and how the meds are working. It can take years to find the right cocktail of meds. It would be wise to go to the doctor when stressed, as stress can trigger a manic episode. Most people go to their doctors when they feel depressed. When someone is manic they feel they don’t need help and often believe they have a special purpose. During his manic episode my boyfriend believed he was God’s special ambassador to save the world. All doctors and health professionals were in league with the devil to prevent his mission. In spring last year he had a very bad episode and spent 6 weeks in the psych ward. Later he did not remember much of what he said and did during the episode. I saw him through all this and his depression in the following autumn. He was my rock to lean on when I was stressed with a variety of upheavals earlier this year. We loved and supported each other. Now he has been depressed all summer and no longer wants a relationship, only a friendship. He has lost all interest in life and wants to be a hermit. He has also gained 4 stone in weight since last year he started taking zyprexa. Many of his friends are concerned that he maybe killing himself slowly with too much smoke and drink. I hope his psych will notice the fact that he is not well even when he tells him that he is fine. right now I don’t know how to help him. Your boyfriend maybe very different to mine and you have known him a very long time. We have only known each other 2-1/2 years and he was diagnosed with bipolar 1 about 10 years ago.

  12. Thanks Capeman!
    This is old but it still works…If you are given lemons, you can eihter make lemonade…OR…suck a lemon.(sorry for the 2×4 comment, but this is true). Elder Snell(a wise man), standing in front of the church sent out a lightening bolt by saying…”use me as greater than I might be”…(Mathew 25:14-30). I can either continue to believe the brainwashing that my doctor wants me to believe…that I am sick, and that I WILL cycle drastically…OR…I can ‘flip the record over, and play a whole different tune.’ I told my doctor that I can’t do Bipol anymore…just like my alcoholism in the 1900’s (gratefully sober 11 yrs), I told him, ‘I can’t do these anymore; it’s too much for me!’ I find it too hard to do Bipol(or booze) AND live a normal life as well! First you have to do all the things normal people have to do, PLUS do all the things the Bipol wants you to do. Sorry, I can’t do both; I don’t have the strength or the energy. I have the alcoholic genetic defect, but it doesn’t mean I have to be a drunk. I MAY have the Bipol genetic defect, but it doesn’t mean I have to act crazy.(oops, more 2×4 maybe). I told my doctor that instead of being the best ‘crazy’ person that he has under his wing; I just want to be a normal person trying to stay away from ‘the crazy’ like the rest of my ‘normal’ friends. Why should I not have the privilege of having what my friends take for granted? I’m kind of lucky, I am using my very strong A.A. programming to… not get rid of my Bipol, but to… disuade Bipol tendencies! (big difference). My personal sloagan; don’t drink there, don’t think there.(if you drink in the gutter, your mind will end up in the gutter…if you think in the gutter, your body will surely follow). Elder Snell said, “If you think you are sick, you will be sick!” I say, ‘If you think you are well, you will be well!’ Words are only words, these are only my words.If you do not like them, please do not use them…but I feel…well! Thanks for listening: if you do not like this… then…well, ignore me…
    May you be blessed, and kept.
    John S.

  13. I do not know my blog address, but it is called Contenthermit Cries Out,

    MY life is finally mine. I choose to live it to the full.
    As long as my children were young, I was forced to jump through hoops that made me worse. I did this because I loved my children and wanted the very best for them. Now that they are grown and have families of their own, I can finally start my life.

    No meds have ever helped me, in fact, starting and stopping meds (at the whim of my medical providers) has caused all the hospitolizations I have had to endure.

    Some people just cannot tolerate unnatural medication. I am one of those. I also cannot function if the only nutrition I get is what is currently available in our stores. I need a chemical free existance. Plastic is not good for me. Most modern building materials is not good for me. Even the wooden furniture has been coated with chemicals which I cannot live with.

    This is for the supporters who love someone with bipolar. Sometimes we just need to step back from all the stressors in our life. You, at times may become a stressor to us. Please, if you love us, try to allow us the freedom to do whatever it is we think we need to get through life intact.

    For some of us, we do need to withdraw from society (hopefully if our supporter can understand and not be hurt by this real need we have, we will return to them and their love, when we are able) Unfortuneatly, most supporters, do not understand this condition. You must let go and let us find our own way, without beating us over the head repeatedly (whenever you want to hurt us back for the times we hurt you (intentionally or just because it is the nature of being bipolar) If you can find a way to do this. Offer unconditional love and support no matter what, then you might just have what it takes to cohabitat with a blessed person of the bipolar persuasion. If not, get out, find your own way. Make a life for yourself that you can life with.

    Do not try to blame everything that goes wrong in your life on us being bipolar. It hurts. It makes us worse, if that is your intention, then go ahead, keep doing what you are doing.

    I have chosen to remain single for over 30 years now, because I have not been blessed with meeting anyone, who, once he considers me, his, does not want to change everything about me, belittle, devalue, hold grudges, and expect me to stay somewhere where I am miserable as a person and my only defense is to shut down.

    I want to live, laugh, cry, sleep when I am tired, work, play, eat healthy nutritious food of my choice, live my life to please me also, live without constant criticisim, and unsellicited suggestions on what I must do. Leave me alone to be me, to try to find my balance, some peace and a chance to find a place where I do fit into the scheme of life in some fashion.

    Currently I live as a hermit. I try to treat everyone I do come into contact with , with the dignity I have been denied in this lifetime. I am at peace with God, with the woodland creatures I share their space with. I am unable to live with other humans at this time. Maybe, someday I will try again.

    But for now, I am not hurting anyone by being who I am. I am allowed to leave in peace and I pray this continues the rest of my natural life. peace to you all

    Oh, the whole purpose for this rambling note. Get yourself a copy of the picture that is titled “Don’t EVER Give Up! Where the frog is being swallowed by the bird and the frog reaches out and chokes the bird. I love it. I do not have a dictionary with me and cannot find a spell checker on this computer or this forum. I guess I am not a very good speller among other things according to society, my family

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