Bipolar Disorder? What Do You Want This Like??



How’s it going?

You’re going to think I am crazy.

Before we get started, I am going to
tell you how I made a total fool out
of myself yesterday.

Okay, so first let me tell you,
I have a friend that is totally into
football. I played football for 14 years
but now I am retired so I am not into
like I use to be.

Anyway my friend totally is. He is
an Eagles fan. He loves the Eagles. Eagles
this and Eagles that. It’s really kind of annoying.

He has everything Eagles.

He kept telling me for about a week that
the Eagles should be in the Super Bowl (
the Super Bowl is the championship
game for football. The football where you
throw the ball. Hey, don’t laugh at the people
that don’t know. We have lots of international
readers so I have to explain).

Anyway, my friend kept saying it over and
over again. He then started telling me that
the Eagles are kind of in the Super Bowl.

I have no idea why. He was like, “doesn’t
it sound better to say the Eagles are in the Super
Bowl then the Pittsburgh Steelers?”

I was like, “whatever.”

Just so you are clear the Eagles are NOT
in the Super Bowl. It’s the Steelers versus
the Cardinals.

So anyway I was at the bank yesterday. I
was waiting around to talk to a bank person
and then lady was like, “hey who is your
pick for Sunday?” (Sunday is the day of the

I was like “the Eagles.”

Seriously everyone started laughing at me.


I didn’t know why. I felt kind of weird. I looked
around if there was someone else or something
else that was funny. I was kind of in deep thought
seriously thinking about articles I was going to
write for bipolar anyway.

So then I left the bank and when I was in the
grocery store it just occurred to me that I said
I wanted a team to win that was not playing
and I made a total fool out of myself.

I felt like driving back and explain this
entire story and then I was like, “who
cares if they think I am a moron.” lol.

It’s all my friend’s fault. I called and yelled
at him. He said, “the reason why you said
Eagles is because it sounds better.” He was
happy. He is sick and is obsessed with the
Eagles. He needs therapy of some kind.

Okay this has nothing to do with bipolar
I just needed to tell someone.

Let’s move on to today’s topic about
bipolar disorder.

I have a really great idea for you today.

Today is going to be the day that you
spend at least one hour describing what
you want your life to be like.

If you are a bipolar supporter, you should write
down exactly what you want your life
to be like for yourself, and with the
person you are supporting with
bipolar disorder.

If you have bipolar disorder, you will
write what you want your life to be like for
yourself, and with your supporter.

If you do this, you are much more likely to
accomplish your goal, because it is written

In my courses/systems below, I teach about
the value of writing things down. I suggest
journaling your thoughts and feelings as a
way of recording them. I teach about writing
down short- and long-term goals.



Most people don’t even know what they
want their life to be like, so they really
wind up being unhappy.

I once read in a book that if you ask 100
people what they want in life, 99 can’t tell
you at all!

Let me ask you this: If you don’t know
the destination, how will you ever arrive?

Think of it as if you went in a car and had
no idea where you were going!

That wouldn’t make any sense now, would it?

So think about this.

Think about your past. Think about where
you’ve been.

Has it made you happy?

Maybe parts of it has.

So include those parts.

But seriously think about what you want your
life to be like.

Do it in parts.

One month from now.

6 months from now.

1 year from now.

5 years from now.

10 years from now.

25 years from now (if you can).

Make it as detailed as you can.

The point is, if you don’t do this, you’ll
have no direction to your life.

And with no direction to your life…

You can’t be happy.

What do you think?

Hey how many people have no clue about
who is playing in the Super Bowl anyway?


Your Friend,


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  1. I did not know who was playing the in the Super Bowl, either. I don’t plan to watch it, nor do I care who wins. If it is not my City’s team, I don’t pay attention.
    I know that I now want my life to be different. I have spent the last several years in attempt to end my life. I was living in complete dispair and pain. I felt hopeless and very helpless.
    I have the ambition now to change. I got a new job a few weeks ago. Instead of waiting another 18 months or more for a SSDI appeal, I have decided to attempt to work instead. Yes, the past few weeks have been extremely difficult emotionally and physically, but I feel good that I am at least trying to make my life better.
    Although I have not spoken to my relatives prior to my last suicide attempt this summer, they found out that I am again working. They do not comprehend mental health disorders and said, “Well, at least she’s finally getting out of the house and bringing in some money.” Eight months ago, I would have been devastated by that comment, but now I just consider where it came from. I’ve come to the point now that mean, hurtful people no longer bother me.
    If I am stronger, I can handle any difficulty. I have set my mind to be successful and not let anything or anyone stop me.

  2. To KLE: You GO, Girl!! That’s the most optimistic point of view I’ve heard from you, EVER! You have a PLAN and you’re going to stick to IT – I’m PROUD of you!!

    Unfortunately, I don’t even have a 1-month plan, much less a 25-year plan (I don’t expect to be around THAT long – I turn 61 next week!). BUT – I do have aspirations and goals. Instead of just working on the computer as I have for the past 5 years, I’m embarking on a new “career” – freelance writing. However, I’ve made 3 proposals, none of which have panned out. BUT – I’m NOT a quitter, and I WILL continue to apply for jobs as they are posted.

    I have NEVER been this POOR in my life. If my refinancing doesn’t come through next month, I won’t be able to afford housing or food or my cats. Nada…THAT’S why I NEED to get this job on-line. My therapist has informed me I CANNOT work a “normal” 9-5 office job (the kind I’m trained for), because stress is a precursor to my manic behavior. I’ve signed up on 3 sites, and check the listings every day. It won’t be EASY, but it will be something I know I’m good at. So – I’m NOT discouraged – I HAVE to get my “feet wet” somehow…

    I’m asking each of you to send good thoughts my way (if you pray, then say a little one for me). It is said that if 2 or more are in agreement, there will be the Spirit amongst you. I BELIEVE – that’s why I’m asking. It couldn’t HURT 🙂

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love us. May God bless you real good. I pray for my country.

  3. Hay Suzanne! ♫

    It’s Annie. We chatted – well I bitched– last week. How U? I’m still farked up. Just wanted to say hi. High!


  4. Well, I’m passing. See u all – bipolar survivors and those who love us! May the God of your choice bless you real good. I no longer have to pray for my country.


  5. To ANNIE! Girl – don’t go!! You bring such enlightenment to this blog. To be perfectly clear, my God SHOULD be EVERYONE’S God, the one who protects and loves us. He’s gotten me THIS far, and I shall CONTINUE to bless His Holy Name.

    I pray for my country because I DON’T believe that Obama is the “messiah” the MSM has made him out to be for TWO years. He’s just a man, and really, what do we KNOW about him? No releases on his work in college, or even if he’s an American citizen. This is the first election of a non-entity that this country has EVER had. I truly believe he has an AGENDA that is deleterious to our country. YES – he is OUR President, but he’s not MY President. I respect the office – but NOT the man. He’s slick and liberal as s**, and he SCARES me. I personally believe he’s going to make a LOT of mistakes that he WON’T be able to live down. Do some READING, girl, and make up your own mind.

    I happen to be in a lousy mood tonight, and I don’t appreciate being talked down to for my beliefs. See how it feels.

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