Bipolar? DANGER: Do NOT Do What This Woman Did


How’s it going for you today?

I am actually really annoyed. My computer is driving me out of my mind. It’s amazing to me how long you can waste trying to do the simplest things.

For some reason my MS word has a mind of it’s own. It took like 45 minutes to get it back to how it’s suppose to be.

Someone once asked me, “do you think that the people who make bipolar medications use the medications themselves?” This person was making the point that if they did, they would make them easier to take and have no side effects.

I said “no” and also said, “do you think the people who make programs like MS word
use the programs themselves?” She said “no way.”


I agree. The people who make these computer programs simply can’t use them or they would know they were messed up and fix them, right?

Okay let’s move on so you don’t have to hear about my ongoing struggle against my computer.

I have to share this post with you from Danielle, because it is VERY important:

“Dave, I have to ask you something. First let me
tell you what happened. See, I was really unhappy
with my life. So I broke up with my boyfriend
and I started seeing this other guy. I dyed my hair
cuz I hated the way it looked. Then I went on a
diet and lost a bunch of weight cuz this new diet
pill was so great, but I had to go off my bipolar
meds cuz I couldn’t take them together.

So then of course I had to go shopping and I spent
all this money buying a whole new wardrobe.
I moved to a new apartment. I stopped seeing my
old friends cuz they were bringing me down and
judging me and holding me back and everything.
But that was ok cuz I made new friends and that
was great cuz they were a lot more fun and we
started going out a lot and I drank a little bit but
only socially, ya know?

I quit my old job and got a new one and even
started my own home business which was going
real good, but the next thing I knew I was in the
hospital in a manic episode, which I don’t understand.
So here’s my question. Where did this episode come
from and how did it happen? I was doing just fine
before it. Danielle.”


Now, you know the first thing I’m going to say, right?

I’m not a doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, or any other kind of professional, and I don’t know this woman personally, so I don’t know all the details – I don’t know what she left out of her story -so I can’t give a professional answer.

But I do have a lot to say personally based on my experiences and other people’s experiences and all the vast research I’ve done on bipolar disorder.

And this post sure screams out MANIC EPISODE to me!

But let me go through the points one at a time.

There is a lot that Danielle did wrong to cause this episode.

First of all let me say one thing, though –

I am NOT saying that it’s not ok to change things in your life. Change is ok. But not all at once, like Danielle did.

Changing everything all at the same time is a recipe for disaster for someone who has bipolar disorder, as you can see by her story.

But anyway…

The first thing she did was break up with her boyfriend. Which is ok by itself, but may have been a rash, impulsive decision, as indicated by the fact that she immediately started seeing another man. But again, I don’t know all the details, so I’m only making an educated guess here, but there may have been some risky sexual behavior involved.

Then she dyed her hair. Women do that all the time, especially when they want to change something about themselves, so I’m not even going to go there!

But then comes something very, very important.

She went on a diet.

Now, in my courses/systems, I talk about how you need to be on a healthy diet in order to manage your bipolar disorder. But she’s not talking about a healthy diet here. She’s talking about taking diet pills.



This woman took diet pills to lose all that weight. So there’s another mistake she made. Do you
know what that was?

She didn’t check with her doctor first.

Then she made the most DANGEROUS mistake of all!

SHE WENT OFF HER MEDICATION in order to take those diet pills!

NEVER go off your bipolar medication by yourself. Always check with your doctor, and listen to what he/she says.

Going off your bipolar medication by yourself is almost a sure way to go into a bipolar episode, which is why the rest of the things began to happen, all symptoms of a manic episode.

Danielle “spent all this money buying a whole new wardrobe” indicating excessive shopping, or spending of a lot of money, which is one symptom.

She changed apartments, which was an impulsive decision.

Paranoia can be a symptom of a manic episode as well, like when she said that her old friends were judging her.

She then said that she (quickly, impulsively?) made new friends, began going out and drinking. Substance abuse is another symptom.

Quitting her old job, beginning a new one, and also starting her own business all seemed to happen too quickly not to be impulsive as well as probably overwhelming when it caught up to her.

When all these things caught up to Danielle, they were probably like a high tower that toppled all at once down upon her, as manic episodes often do to people with bipolar disorder.

It’s no wonder that she ended up in the hospital, where she probably needed to be stabilized with medication.

She asked, “Where did this episode come from and how did it happen?”

I would say that it happened because she went off her medication and then began exhibiting most of the classic symptoms of bipolar mania – impulsivity, excessive spending, substance abuse, risky sexual behavior, poor decision making, bad decisions, etc.

Have you or a loved one experienced similar things as Danielle?

In other words, have you tried to do too much at once or gone off medication and ended up in a manic episode?

What happened?

David Oliver is the author of the shocking guide “Bipolar Disorder—The REAL Silent Killer.” Click Here to get FREE Information sent via email on how and why bipolar disorder kills.

  1. Dave,

    I really enjoy reading your emails that you send out. Some of them are helpful but others are not. You see I have a son that is 8 yrs old that has been diagnosed bipolar. It is a VERY stressful rollercoaster! We have had to previously switch physiatrist which after seeing the new one I don’t care for her at all! My son is going through a “mixed state” right now! We have been battling with his medication for the past 2 years! Nothing seems to work but for a couple of weeks which was explained to me that we would battle the medicine control many times due to the changing of the brain chemistry.
    So anyways I took my son to this new doctor. I wanted him admitted and stripped of his medicine that he is currently on because it was NOT working and hasn’t been for quit sometime. He was hurting himself, burning himself, and being very aggressive towards other kids and adults. He had tried swollen some quarters because she stated he just wanted to die. I was hoping that by them admitting him they could make him safe and help him get the correct medicine. This doctor just didn’t care, she told me that he was just “delusional” and there was nothing they could do for that unless I wanted to pay $3,000.00 a day. I was pretty upset! I don’t make all that much money and any extra that i do have goes towards his medicine and dr bills.
    I have a wonderful son that when he is not going through a “phase” is the most wonderful son in the world. He has had a really rough life, he has a real dad that wants nothing to do with him that I know effects his moods and unfortunately I have found that I can not do anything about it due to the court systems. I know you are no physicist but any input on how to help my son would be wonderful! I want what’s best for him and I hate to see him go through the mixed emotions. He wants to be good and do well

    thanks for the emails once again. It gives me some encouragement.

  2. Hi Dave:
    Interesting article,almost the same thing happened to my wife.She has not been tested for manic depression but i have been researching it for about a month now & i’am 110% for sure she has it.My wife has had this disease for as long as i have known her but did not pick up on it until she filed for divorce it’s getting worse.She came back from Pakistan where she works security for a contractor,her hair was different we argued for the 2 weeks she was here, she said everything was my fault,she sounded like a play back tape recorder,you know over & over again,she went to have lazer surgery on the brown spots on her face,which she didn,t have,the doctor said the only thing she needed was some whitening creams,that she did not need the lazer surgery,she takes diet pills,sleeping pills,she is of her thyroid meds,she got a new job in Bosnia working security in the embassy,she packed what clothes she wanted in three bags,{she forgot one}& i found out she has a new boyfriend in pakistan,she does not spend money but always worried about debt,getting worse.When she left she told me & her older boy she was not ever coming back because there is nothing for her here.Talk about getting hit by a mack truck.Sound familiar to anyone.
    I feel like i’am stuck in quicksand & can’t do anything.

  3. Hi dave, i read your stuff all the time. My boyfried is bipolar typeI got diagnosed about 6 months ago. He takes serequel and melatonin to sleep or warm milk he ran out of meds last friday and didn’t bother to tell his doctor until yesterday. He fully believes that he don’t need pills but he couldn’t sleep,his mind was racing or he was angry i kept telling him that going off you meds was a bad thing but he didn’t listen. we don’t have sex anymore its been since he was diagnosed. He jacks off in the bathroom but he won’t even try with me im so frustrated and pissed off because he is very lazy now,eats everything in sight and when i tell him i want him out and i can’t stand him anymore he just like puts a wall up and tunes me out i wanna leave him but i fear for my house,animals and material things like my 50 inch tv i have expensive things and he will break them i mean he even says he’ll kill my animals and then kill us and kill himself i really don’t want any part of this relationship but im scared of the outcome i mean i don’t wanna be responsible for him killing himself

  4. Just to be clear – I have never gone off my antipsychotic meds since I was diagnosed. However, I can recall certain “symptoms” of a manic episode “creeping” up on me, too.

    In 1970, it was only a year after my Dad died suddenly with me alone at home. Then, we moved from IL to VA. Then, I got a job as a medical transcriptionist at a hospital 30 miles from my Mom’s new home. I rented a room in a house to be closer to the hospital. THAT was impulsive. I then answered a call for tryouts for a play in the college town 45 min. away. Well, I got the part!! But – this meant working at the hospital during the day, and traveling to do the play 45 min away, and back again, and trying to work the next day. I began to get my religious delusions again, and, because I was reading all these charts about “sick” people, I began to get THEIR symptoms and thinking I had everything they had. I remember coming home from the theater at 2AM and thinking I saw a TREE in the middle of the road!!

    Well, a little over a month later, I collapsed at work. The doctors realized I had had a nervous breakdown in 1968, and kept me in confinement until morning, when they sent me by ambulance to the University psych ward! And here I thought everything was “hunky-dory!”

    Looking back, I see where I wasn’t eating nutritiously, was drinking a bit too much, had NO friends, and was mortal enemies with my own Mom!! I hope you see the pattern here of OVERDOING something, no matter how GOOD it seems at the time. I now have to lower my stress levels, or I’ll go into hypomania and fight like hell NOT to go into a mania.

    Right now, I AM under a LOT of stress. I’ve lost 12 pounds in less than a month. I saw the DR yesterday because I think I have an ulcer (have had 3 operations for ulcers, so I know what they feel like), and he ran all the tests. He prescribed generic Protonox for the next 10 days. If only ONE of my stressors were alleived, I KNOW I could get out of this “mixed episode” phase. I AM being proactive with all of them; they just don’t want to seem to go away…

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love us. May God bless you real good. I pray for my country.

  5. Just had to comment on the people who create the software and applications programs, like MS Word, they have no problems with it as they created it and they think it is perfect. Think about, if you create something that may work very well for you might not work very well for the next person. Another Bipolar lesson: This is why there are so many different medications for treatment as everything that works for one may make the next person worse. Thanks for all your hard work.

  6. I agree with what Helen is saying. MS goal is to make money not to have a program that they want to use themselves.

  7. I have been there my self. I didn’t know what was happening to me until I was in the hospital. I take my meds and I feel better.

  8. I was told my friend had something negative that came into his life in 2008 and here it is just shy of 2013 – he discovered how true that was.

    it posed as the Grimm Reaper – you know that scene that makes us all shreak with fear – it comes and is a continual remembrance of all your past trangressions things not even God himself would remember – he was so turned off by the constant “flashbacks” – he vacated his home and started an exciting life in Montana (BIG SKY COUNTRY) – just like one with Bipolar – you gotta do whatever you need to get away from the disorder and make yourself well. He’s absolutely fine these days…..


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