Bipolar: Are They Playing Games?


Remember the games we used to play as children? Some people even remember whole block

games of tag and hide and go seek. We used to play a lot of games that used our imaginations, didn’t we? Like dressing up as super heroes and ballerinas. These days we don’t see that as much. We see more technology in children’s toys than we used to. Unfortunately, we don’t see them using their imaginations as much. And whole block games are really out of the

question – Most people rarely even know their neighbors any more. Yes…Things aren’t what they used to be. But, unfortunately, people do still play games. But when they play games as adults, it’s not a good thing.

You may even be feeling as if your loved one with bipolar disorder is playing games. Some people call that manipulation. Being manipulated is never a good feeling. It makes you feel as if you’re being used. But even if your loved one is exhibiting manipulative behavior, it may not be their fault. It may be because of their bipolar disorder. It can make them act like that. So if you do notice this type of behavior in your loved one…You can identify it as a symptom that they may be going into a bipolar episode. In that case…You can try to get them to seek the help they need by getting them to call their psychiatrist as soon as possible, and hopefully avoid a full-blown bipolar episode this way.

Unfortunately…Some supporters report manipulative behavior in their loved one as being more prevalent than just symptomatic of an oncoming bipolar episode. They have asked me if this behavior then is due to the bipolar or if it’s just their loved one? I really don’t have an answer for that, as each person is different. But, in general…Some people are just more manipulative than others. And some people with bipolar disorder do use their disorder as an excuse for manipulative behavior.

For example…Someone with the disorder who has problems managing money may manipulate their supporter by getting them to give them money when they inevitably keep running out of money because of their inability to manage it well. How do you know it’s manipulation? Because it’s a pattern of behavior. So what can you do about it? It becomes the responsibility of the supporter to do something about it. Because the person with the disorder won’t stop as long

as they’re getting what they want. So you have to force them to. In this case, you have to stop giving them money. Or set conditions or limits to the money you do give them. You do not have to stand for being manipulated. And your loved one having bipolar disorder is not an excuse for them manipulating you.

Well, I have to go!

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  1. playing mental games, oh yes, that she does. A LOT! and lies (when she is maniac mood, as she is now)..

  2. Yeah my ex girl would play old maid – the card game devised to start out funny and humorous at first and then if the game is not stopped in the nick of time, someone gets hurt. My ex girl once thought this was going to be her destiny. Why? you ask like a doe-faced doll with pure innocence in the eyes while swallowing down the hugest burger served at Chili’s? why? People play too many games with each other’s emotions. I had to look into the eyes of this Doe-eyed chick and reassure her over and over and over that she is the most beautiful woman on the planet and I was sorry to hear she had met one too many Mr. Potato-heads and the game just send her swirling out of control.

    Why? Manipulation. to keep one in fear, from moving forward, from making progress and most importantly from seeing the real light that’s lit lighting up the staircase to heaven!!! People often manipulate each other because it is your own light that frightens them – it’s a beauty they are not used to and they do not want you to believe you are smart, lovable and what she desired to hear (irreplacable); very irreplacable. Everyone has someone for them and beauty is in the eye of the beholder – once again she’s around those afflicted with this terrible disorder and some times some have to remind her you are not where they are; they are around you for your “special skill” you are not the one with the disorder. This new man that’s inspiring to spirit to soar by calling her special names like “Darling of Heaven” hopefully he keeps this up; she has just given too much and is hoping for a little “paycheck” back. I hope it into her life in fact, I see it glowing on her face like Monica (the healing angel)

    We are all hoping this new man in her life is patient and understands her concerns and we hope inflicted are not passed on to him….

  3. Is blame and hate alwyas part of bi-polar manic stage? How can you talk to a loved one about help & meds. When they blame you for hospital stays; tell you they hate their doctor will never see him again, throw pills away. My son left wife & daughter 13, his debit card/drivers Lic./found in vacant lot. Police reported him missing with long history of mental illness. Stoped in 3 states talked his way out of each stop; week later police found his car in GA. 3 days later 100 miles away he walks in service station ask them to call 911; in mental hospital 3 days; sent via bus to home town; Nothing Done; Still Manic; what can be done?

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