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Mental Health Consumers Lose Vital Advocate

DO> Take a look, this really true. He was for mental health when most didn’t care.

Swing me high, Swing me low but don’t ignore me

DO> Great article for an overview of living with bipolar disorder.

Troubled Ex-Journalist Finds New Calling in Helping Others

DO> Great way to turn something bad into something good.

Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder in Children

DO> Great article talking about important

Donuts owner makes changes in effort to calm controversy

DO> Do you think this is a big deal or not?

BREAKING NEWS: DA Rules Deadly Police Shooting Justified

DO> Do you think this killing was okay?

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  1. DAVID,

    I’m diagnosed as a Bipolar and have found good support on your messages.

    I´m from Brazil and send this link of news bradcasted, locally, last thursday. The report includes:
    – An estimation of up to 5 million brazilians with bipolarity
    – Comments on child behavior
    – Interviews with two doctors of major hospitals.
    – Presentation and offer of help program from Hospital das Clinicas in the city of Sao Paulo, the biggest city of brazil and most proeminent of latin america.

    Thanks for all the help I’ve found on your site. Among other benefits, different perpective to present my circunstances to my family and people interested in being helpful.

    All the Best

    Filipe Pinheiro

  2. yoooo chore hows you….
    thank you for all you Emails much appreciated….keep up the good work x
    Take Care Linda x

  3. Very sad to read about the woman in London, who committed suicide because she couldn’t handle the side effects of her bipolar meds. Now I can worry even more about my loved one.

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