Urgent Notice About Bipolar Disorder And Herbs, Vitamins, Natural Remedies


If you’ve been looking into natural herbs,
vitamins, and/or alternative therapies for
bipolar disorder, then you must know something
important. Very important.

Many people are looking into things that are really
dangerous. Very dangerous.

When I first found out my mom had bipolar disorder
I was looking into the same thing. Over several
years I spent a ton of time AND money to find
out if there were things that can or did work.

I was shocked that so much stuff being promoted
out there was TOTAL garbage. I mean TOTAL garbage.

My mom’s doctor helped me figure out what was
good and what was bad. I think most people are
way off track when it comes to bipolar disorder
and natural “stuff.” I say stuff because it
covers you know vitamins, herbs, natural complementary
remedies, etc. There is a lot of “stuff” out there.

I will tell you this. There is NO one magic bullet
for bipolar disorder. Do NOT fall for the ads you
may find on the internet. Also, please run ANYTHING
past a qualified doctor before you use it.

My mom runs EVERYTHING single thing past her
doctor and she approves it. She NEVER ever does this
on her own.

I have just put together some information I think
you will find very interesting.

To find out what I discovered about herbs, vitamins
and natural remedies, please visit:




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