Urgent Bipolar Warning: Negative is stronger than positive


How’s it going?

Hope you are doing well.

What a day yesterday was.

I got back from the gym and then I saw
and email that basically there was
a guy doing a presentation based on
my materials and some how it was said
that I didn’t want him to do this
presentation so it was stopped.

I couldn’t believe this. I was super mad.
I tried to contact the guy but it was
too late.

I hope he isn’t mad at me. After I am
done writing this daily bipolar
email, I am going to write him a letter
of apology.

Basically someone told me this guy was
doing this presentation. I asked some
who works for me (does NOT have bipolar),
to find out who the person was and more
about him.

I thought it was strange that someone
was doing a presentation on some of my material
and I didn’t know the person. I just wanted
more information and I couldn’t do it
myself because I have 100 things to do

So basically some how that turned into
some service he was using stopping his
presentation. I have no idea how this
happen but it’s not fair to the guy
and I mad about the entire thing.

Anyway, I am going to write him a full
apology and I hope he understands. I am
going to ask him if there is anything I can
do to right this wrong and make it up
to him. I am kind of worried that he will
be really mad at me. I hope not.

Okay after that, I had a phone call with
a nice woman who had lupus and now is
trying to help others overcome this.

Then I got some great news. I didn’t
tell you this but I came up with this
incredible idea about two months ago.

I can’t get into it here but it would
help this organization and mental health

It would enable me to hire more people
with bipolar disorder, give away more
F.REE stuff. It was an incredible idea,
no to brag. I was, REALLY excited.

But it wasn’t going to be easy. There
were parts that I didn’t know how to
do. So I rounded up a bunch of people with
bipolar to help since there are super smart.

I also involved my attorney. Then I ask
my friend for help. Then he got his friend
to him me.

So basically last night I got some great
news that basically like 50% of this
great idea was all done.

I was really excited about this.

After I got the news, and was cooking
my 6th meal of the day, I got a call
from a friend.

I told her about my idea and what happen
and how great it was going to be.

Then it happened…

My friend said a bunch of negative stuff
about how I went about my idea like I
was obsessed with this idea and that
was weird.

I was like, “Of course I am working hard
to get all this together because it
can make a huge difference for everything.”

Then I told my friend about the final
plans of the idea.

She totally shot it down and told me so
many reasons why the entire thing
was a bad idea.

I started to second guess myself.

Then I felt like maybe it wasn’t a good
idea. Maybe it was a bad idea.

Then I got mad because I told this
friend that she isn’t supportive.

The friend said that wasn’t true.

Then I was mad and didn’t say much.

I thought about when I first started
this organization and SO many people
said it would fail. Some vendors
told me I was insane. Some people
wouldn’t work with me because they
wanted nothing to do with anyone
connected to “Crazy people.”

I had one friend that actually encouraged
me to do this. He is totally positive.

I was like “you think it will work?”
I kept telling him that I wasn’t a doctor
or therapist and I am not a good writer. People
would make fun of me and not read any of
my stuff.

My friend who is super laid back was like
“dude, yea they will. Trust me dude, I know
they well. Just trust me dude. Just do it
I guarantee it will work dude.” My friend
uses the word dude a whole lot.

Anyway, no matter what you tell him, he will
tell you can do it. He is always 100% positive
all the time.

Anyway all the negative people started to drown
out what he was saying.

Then I asked Pascale who basically like a computer.
You give Pascale input and she outputs objective
reports. She is a like machine. Anyway I told her
the idea. She listed the pros and cons and said
there were way more pros then cons and said “do

So I did. And now you see what I have.

So anyway, last night, I needed to recharge so
I called a bunch of positive “doing lots of things
for society” friends and they were like, “no, man
your idea is great. Do it.”

This morning I sent the entire idea over to my
attorney for him to review and also another
attorney. I also sent it to someone else because,
well I am still a little worried.

BUT, I wanted to talk about something today
about how this relates to bipolar disorder.

Here’s the deal. First negative is way stronger
than positive.

If you hang out with negative people, they
will bring you down. Period. If you hang out
with just a couple, and you have tons of positive
friends, the few negative will bring you down
and over come the positive ones.

Michele who works for me and I has bipolar
disorder told me just yesterday before
this happen how she taught all
her sons the 10 – 2 rule.

It basically states that if you are a
10 and you hang out with 2’s, a 2 won’t
turn into an 8 and you stay a 10, the 2
will stay the same and you’ll probably
drop down to a 4 to 5.

This is so true.

Losers attract losers. Losers bring
each other down.

I noticed over the years my mom had
two sets of friends. There were mania
friends and non mania friends. When my mom
was manic she wound up handing out and
talking to losers. I hate to say it
but they were. I know people will
get mad at me for saying that but
that’s what the were. Even my mom agrees
with me.

When she was no manic, she had intelligent,
hardworking “doing something on a daily basis”

Her manic friends actually made her worse
and worse and encouraged her to do things

-not take her medication
-leave my dad
-leave her family
-not go to the doctor
-not believe she had bipolar disorder
-quit her job
-and many other stupid moronic things

These days, part of my mom’s stability equation
is to avoid these people and to surround herself
by positive, smart and productive people–this is
an order from her doctor not from me (but
I agree)

When you are dealing with bipolar disorder
whether you are a bipolar supporter or bipolar
survivor, you want to make sure you surround
yourself with positive people who tell you,
you can do it because you can.

One of the best ways to do this is to
listen to the success interviews in my courses/systems:




I honestly think it’s impossible to listen
to the cds and not come away having tremendous
hope that things can and will get better. These
cds serve to provide fuel in your car on the
road of success to bipolar. Get and use the

Now, if you have negative people in your life,
I want you to lose them or limit your contact
with them.

A good exercise today is the following:

who are the people who bring you down and
are always negative and tell you stupid
counter productive things?

who are the people who are always upbeat and
tell you positive things?

Lose the first group of people or limit your
exposure to them. Talk to the second group
of people more and more.

Finally, when you are feeling down, make sure
you have something to bring you up. A good
book, cd, etc, can do the trick.

There is one business book that I have had for 10
years. It’s the book I always read when I am
down. I have read it more than 200 times
in 10 years. There’s a few pages that I read
that make me feel better during the worst
of times. I had to read those pages a whole
lot after September 11, 2001.

You need something like this as well.

Remember that negative is always stronger
than positive.

Hey, let me know what you think. I have to
run and write that apology letter.

Catch you tomorrow. Oh, tomorrow is the bipolar

Your Friend,


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  1. Thanks for the pep talk, Dave. I totally agree with that negative/positive concept. Keep up the good work and keep moving forward (dude!).

  2. Hi David~ I just read your daily thought. I totally agree with you. There are actually people that I have to avoid when I am in a negative space myself. I hate to admit this, but it is true. Call me a fair weather friend, but it is essential for my well-being. I found myself in the past spending my time trying to get them into a better space and only dragging myself down in the process. Now, when I am with those people I just focus on the positive and after a few of those such comments they tend to leave me alone. It seems they want to be miserable and will seek someone who wants to be the same! Thanks for sharing! Hope all goes well with your friend! Ali

  3. Hi Dave,

    I’m curious as to the name of the business book you read when you’re down?


    Sarah in NC, Supporter of bipolar husband Mike

  4. i found your e-mail very enlightening.
    i have been practicing a few of your ideas plus some others that were suggested by my psychiatrist for the past 10 years of bipolar suffering.

    thank you for the concern
    robert mclaughlin

  5. I hate to say it, but sometimes I feel really down when I read people bashing you, Dave and what you say on your emails. I’ve learned to scan over them and just jump to the positive ones. I’m glad to say that there are more positives than negatives, most days.

    I have a friend that’s really negative and I really like her but sometimes, I just can’t be around her.

  6. Hi David
    I really liked your input on neg/positive people. I agree with what you are saying, However sometimes everyone is a little negative at one point in time. And negative ppl can turn around mentally and change their thinking to be more positive. Well not all people can do that. Depending on the person or situation. I think opinions or advise are good to give to people whether u agree with the idea or not. I do believe it makes a difference on how the person is responding to you. Its ok to disagree with someone but its how you present yourself

    By the way all your emails are very inspiring to me. Thanks


  7. hi. I am new to your letters and they really hit home and make me feel better. I got off disability by myself after I learned what my problem was. Knowing meant everything to me! My mother doesn’t want to know what bipolar is, but will run me in the ground for not being brilliant or socially adept and just ‘get a job’ or get over it (depression). Couldn’t keep one because people seemed to hate me for no reason. I still have a problem w/men attacking me and wanting to fight me. What’s up with that? I am a crippled, mental, old woman and it is as if sometimes I have a hormone that makes people want to hurt me when I haven’t opened my mouth. Does that happen to others? thanks d

  8. Ok I live with my husband who is negitive everyday, its his bipolar! So what am I to do leave him??? No I just have learned to journeal in my head. I replace his negitivty with positive thoughts. I learned through scriptures in the bible that the devil has no ground on Gods word. So when he is running around yelling this house is a mess, my job this ect… Blah, blah. I say in my head(i used to journal on paper, now in my head) Thank you lord for a messy house to clean, thank you lord my husband has a job to complain about , on and on. I give it to God because when i do it stops, I am not kidding. God tells us we hold truth and death by the things that come out of our mounths. I know some may not believe in God but it works for me. I just wanted to share. God bless have a great day

  9. Ps , Dave your doing a great job and so many look to you for your advice. What one person thinks should not matter, this is your heart, your gift, keep going with it.

  10. Hi Dave, I agree with you on the negative is stronger than positive. I’ve heard that you need 10 good statements to outweight 1 negative statement. I’ve had friends that have kept me down and out and I think they have just done it for their own benefit because it’s like they ‘fed’ off my bad moods to make themselves either feel or seem better than I was. I got rid of that friend and now I’m much better off! Thanks for great emails. I just wish I could afford your programs. Miriam

  11. Dear Dave~ This is my first post to your blog, so the I would like to begin by telling you how much I appreciate the work you do. For every negative comment you recieve you must know and constantly be reminded that there are so many of us out here who are helped tremendously. “Thank You” seems woefully inadequate.
    Thank you for all of the things that you have said in your daily messages that have validated the things that I have intuitively known. Thank you for the ‘lightbulb moments’
    By way of backgroud I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 4 years ago. I am 52 years old. My first priority every single day is to manage my bipolar like I used to manage by businesses. I do research every day, I reach for your email every day, like the lifeline that it is and I do not allow (or at least make every effort to) anything to effect my mental health. I am of no use to myself or my family if I am in an episode. I was compelled to write today in response to what you wrote about negative people.
    I am so empathetic to other people’s pain, anger, distain, negativity, etc that I am now almost entirely housebound and only interact with my immediate family. I learned to play an online video game to work on some memory skills, dexterity, quick thinking, etc which are a problem because of medication of course. The bonus from this is that I have found quite a few “friends” there that I can chat with which makes up for the lack of social interaction somewhat in real life.
    Again, David THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. for all that you do for us.

  12. So true. concentrate on the positive not the negative. and surrounding yourself with positive people can make a huge difference.

  13. Dave,
    I can’t wait to see what you’ve posted everyday.:)Your words are
    so comforting,and sincere,both for
    the supporters of Bi-polar,and for
    us, the Bi-Polar.
    I’d like to coment on d’s post. I too
    have a problem with men wanting to attack me verbally.When I was in my
    younger years as a Bi-Polar the
    problem was with promisquity.Now,
    their air of superiority kicks off
    my defense button.When they say
    that I am dramatic,or that I am
    too emotional,well i want to
    knock their heads off.I take their
    insults and gibbs very seriously.
    I know this is part of the Bi-Polar
    and I have been close to bodily harm through the years from men I come in contact with.It doesn’t take much to push me off the edge.
    And when you said that sometimes you haven’t even opened your mouth,
    well I think we put off a certain ora,us bi-Polars.

  14. Dave,
    I don’t think that negative is always sttronger than positive.It is just the contrary.I believe more in the forces of the good, than in the one of the evil.I use to pray and I have been many good results with my prayers.But,like had said a great friend of mine : the enemy doesn’t offer sweet of milk and we have to fight.Lilian P.

  15. I just wanted to leave a quick comment re: “giving off airs”~ I too have run across ignorance of men in general. I don’t know whether or not it has anything to do with being bipolar, but I do feel we are hypersensitive to the arogance of some male or female.To me it can be as simple as a look or a gesture, and as you say “it sets me off”. You are not alone. I have learned to smile thru it, and quietly say to myself “it must be sad to be you!”. I hope this helps! Ali

  16. Well David todays post is great! And,so right!
    My bypolar friend is the one who is
    my booster and no 1 fan. I can always count on him to make me feel
    I can do what anything…I didn’t
    realize that till this post today.
    He will walk by my window and shout
    “you go Alexa,you can do it!” I’m
    publishing my first poetry book and
    am nervous now…:) Another bypolar
    friend is just like this to…my
    “quote” normal friends aren’t so
    supportive…so David, as I support them, wow! there supporting
    me just when I need it…thanks for
    this eye opener today…
    Keep up the fantastic work you do.
    We all benefit.
    Wanishi n Hugs,Alexa

  17. Great advice, Dave. I have to keep this in mind. We are creatures of habit and tend to hang out with the same people and do the same things. I am trying to think about my friends and most of them are, for the most part, neither really positive nor really negative, however I never really paid a lot of attention to it before you mentioned it, but I definitely will now.

  18. Hi David, I really, really enjoyed your letter on possitiveness and negativeness. I just went through an experience with a so called friend I knew for at least 24 years, all this time she had been talking about me to people saying negative thing and making people think that i was really a BAD person. She would say I found out, I was Crazy, Mentally Challenged, and that i didn’t know how to get along with people and when some gentleman was interested in me she would tell them after I would introduce them that I was NOT the marrying type because I had a Mental Illness that would make me CRAZY or MENTALLY DERANGED. Boy was I hurt when i found out, it finally dawned on me why people treated me like they did it was like people would stay completely away from me and not want to really talk to me cause of what she said. All she said was negative things NOT positive. So it made people think that i was a horrible person.
    But since then those who refused to listen to her gave me a chance to prove who I really was as a person and have now excepted me for who i am.

  19. Hi, David I really like your comment on positiveness and negativeness. I really experienced a moment of negativeness with a friend who i thought was my friend for 25 years but found out that she really wasn’t. She went and talked about me in a NEGATIVE way. Told people that I was Menatally Challenged and Crazy just because she saw me in a Bipolar flare a couple of times.I had someone interested in me that she turned away cause she told them that i wasn’t the dating type because of my illness. Plus others treated me very negativelylike I was somekind of NUT. They just waited for me to do something negative to go and tell this person what I’ve done so she would have more to talk about. It was hell for me for several years cause i was on the defensive side and people were just looking for something to complain about. People always were negative around me screaming and yelling at me so as to treat me like an animal that has some kind of fatal disease.
    But since then I’ve left that association and am now in a positive enviroment with ones who HATED the way she talked about me and have given me a chance to really learn what i’m all about. They tell me positive things like you’re really NOT what she said you were. You’re really NICE, SMART,and COMPASSIONATE person nothing what she said you were. So I associate with them now and just starting to feel like I’m worth something to myself and other.

  20. i know exacty what you mean
    my mother and sister are so negative, judgmental and disapproving and all it does is make you feel like krap!
    my husband on the other hand is one of the most possitive people i know. He totally believes in me, encourages and motivates me when i am struggling. Having that support means you can get through and do anything!
    i decided to move to the other side of uk to get some distance between me and my family, it still hard when visits come about but i don’t feel contantly dragged down.
    so keep your head up no matter what anyone says and remember a bit of self belief can take you a long way

  21. Hi All, I always found negative gets negative, postive gets positive. I could say I fit the spot where men like to get in my face, and usually regret it, or discover I,ll hold my ground, won,t back down, will stick up for my rights and others too.
    d, I believe people give off an aoraue, vibes,body lanuage and that really attracts the attention.
    I get something every day from your writings, thank-you Dave. Diane

  22. Hi David, this is my first reply to your site. Recently I was diagnosed with Bi-polar, which was both a shock and a relief, it filled in the blanks, like pieces to a jig-saw puzzle. I am a Counsellor and I meet both negative and positive, throughout my day, but its not that simple, we live in a world of “shades of grey” there are no absolutes! either being Positive or Negative, most people live in between, depending on their life circumstances or how they handle what life throws them, like bumps in the road. Some days I feel negative and overcome by my feelings, and other days I feel extremely positive, life can be a roller coaster ride, even on medication. We need to be kind to one another and except that we are all different, being tolerant is the first step. “Oh to walk a mile in my shoes”. Thanks for al the work you are doing, take care, kind regards Ray

  23. Dave, you are SO right about negativity bringing you “down.” When I lived in my apartment house, I rented to people who turned out to be part of the drug culture. They always put on a helpful, cheery face, and built me up – in the beginning. Then, they began to hit me up for money. Because I always seemed to have some, I was more than happy to give them a $10 here and a $20 there. They said they needed it for “gas” and “food.” Then, it became a little more habitual.

    Their constant begging began to bring me WAY down. But – I was stuck in a rut with them.

    Of course, sometimes the “bad” people seem MUCH more interesting than your average, day-to-day “Joe.” They lead exciting lives and are always on the “edge.” It gave me some kinda thrill to be associated with them.

    However, when I started going with my current boyfriend, he could see more clearly what these people were up to. He told me to “lose” them, or he would just leave. I had a choice – lose my money, or lose him. Now, he is the proverbial “Boy Scout,” straight-arrow, although he’s a recovering alcoholic. I guess he was only speaking from experience…

    Well, I made my choice. I left the “druggies” in the dust, and am still with my boyfriend. These people would always leave me with the feeling that I was taken advantage of, and money was just “seeping” away. When I moved into my condo – after selling the “crack house” – it became easier and easier to forget the trials they put me through.

    I DO have another friend who is a 75-year-old woman, who ALWAYS brings me “up.” Whenever I’m confused, or just need a “pick me up,” she’s there for me. She doesn’t act or seem her age; in fact, I’ve often told her she looks 55 and acts 25! She’s a VERY talented person; she just wrote a book that’s being made into a musical!

    So, you see, it’s just as easy to surround yourself with positive people as it is with the negative. It was a little hard to leave my “friends” to fend for themselves, but they were in essence, “stealing” money from me, and NEVER paying it back. It got so that they would hang up on me if I didn’t “loan” them money!

    My Mom always told me that, “You are known by the company you keep.” That is VERY good advice; I just wish I had learned that years ago!

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love them. God bless you real good.

  24. Hey Dave,
    I love reading your stuff. I don’t believe negative is stronger than positive. When I was in “rehab”, every morning we had a 15 minute meeting before classes started. When we didn’t have any issues, we read something positive, either out of the bible, or some song verse or something. If we didn’t have that we went around the room and said something nice about the person beside us. It started the day off with everyone smiling. This one drama queen started one morning, we basically ignored her negative comments, cause she was always complaining about something, and started with the positive principles and saying nice things about her and everyone else, the energy was so strong that she had to leave. it was great. So I do believe if you play into someone else bringing you down, it will win. Don’t let it. If you believe you can make this work, go for it. Don’t second guess yourself, make it work. If you fail, fail well. Try it again. But you can’t say you didn’t try. There will always be someone out there to try to bring you down, if you don’t play into it, they’ll either give in or go away. Me having bi-polar, I don’t need help to bring me down, I can do that on my own. Especially, when I think about all that’s happened in my life. I have to let it go. It’s hard to do, but I’ve got to live for today, yesterday is gone, tommorrow is not promised.
    What you do is good, good always wins!!!!


  26. David, I really, really need your opinion. I got relapse. And my live for the late 2-3 months was quite horrible..my appetite, huh…just passed the denial stage though. You are right, I have to take serious on these things or I will end up worthless. Can I take my time to rectify my life..I mean, is it appropriate for me to have study leave based on this medical reason say like a year? Or is it better for me to just going through the last 3 semesters, I am suppose to be grad on April next year,2009..if only. Please David, contact me back…

  27. I think David, Suzanne, Graham, Nightlady, and many more are a positive value for this blog. I have days where I feel blue and read things that cheer me up and I want to cheer up others so I believe in positive and the importance of doing our best to be positive and balanced. Some negative is good as we can get a complex if everyone is sugar coating cough! cough!

    Thanks for all the positives everyone and David you always say “WE CAN” and so I believe it too! I realize my fears and act on it by continuing to believe that I CAN. PLUS A REALLY GREAT SUPPORTER AND GOOD FRIENDS 😎

    David- hope you like your emo below.

    You have us all curious about your projects that you are working on and being pumped up to act… you are so secretive and mysterious.

    8-#) Hi! I’m Dave

    lol I hope you see that mustache I gave you. I don’t know what you look like but this is the only artist in me as I am artistically challenged….lol


  28. Hello Dave,

    Thank you so much for this email. I am just realizing how powerfully negative influences are on me. I sometimes get to negative and hard on myself at times, since I am battling my bipolar at present. My boyfriend although he lives far away has always supported me and said I can do anything I want to. Thank you so much for your website and all the work you do for us!!

  29. Hello David!! I enjoy your daily encouraging emails. I have known for quite a while the negative does outway the positive, but I didn’t know how much until my bipolar episode kicked in. I am trying not to be too hard on myself because it makes it worse, but it is rough. I am having a hard time accepting my bipoar. I did want to thank you for all the work you do for all of us with bipoar or a bipolar supporter.

  30. To MONEIRA: In my opinion, it is FAR better to take care of your HEALTH than it is to graduate with your class. There will always be plenty of time to continue your education; recovery from an episode could take far longer.

    PLEASE contact your psychiatrist/therapist, and get your medications regulated before you are hospitalized, and really throw off your routine.

    It sounds like you are quite dedicated to completing your education on time; however, taking care of yourself in the HERE AND NOW will reap important benefits once you are well and stable.

    All my best in whatever course you take. Just remember – don’t let the bipolar “getcha,” honey, and it will, unless you get help NOW.

    God bless you real good, and may He help you to make the right decision.

  31. To DESTANIE: No, it is not adrenaline that you’re feeling with the bipolar mania, or even the hypomanic state. It IS the chemical imbalance in our brains that produces the “racing thoughts,” hyperactivity, restlessness, and a general “high.”

    Adrenaline is produced as the “flight or fight” synapses in our brain are released. Although it may FEEL like we are infused with that “rush,” an adrenaline “high” is more like having too much caffeine in our systems. A manic “high” is an overstimulation in our brains that mimic the adrenaline “rush.”

    That IS an intelligent guess; however, I’m sure there have been laboratory studies on this “feeling” but nothing in the literature backs up that analysis.

  32. TO SUzanne,
    thank you so much for the advice given. You are right. I won’t let Bipolar get me again, not anymore. I made a decision that I will tackle the Bipolar first. And get control over myself and be well informed about BP. Dave’s ways are quite encouraging. But still, Dave..how? to make my decision firmer…

  33. Precious@51, when people become false friends and slag you off behind your back, it’s often because they are jealous of something you have and they would like to have. Usually it’s your success or just your individuality. I have known people who have all the material security anyone could wish for, but they are unhappy, because their lives are dull and conventional and they never do anything interesting. When they meet someone like me, who can enjoy life even on a very low budget and dares to be a bit unconventional, they get jealous. Some will go around and tell people that you are crazy and deranged. Then it’s up to the other people whether they believe them or see you for who you are.

  34. I sure see a lot of myself in your notes. Perspective is what bipolar takes from me. It was a long hard road to where I am now but I’m happy and people want to be like me. At least until I got sick this summer from sweating in the yard and people yelling at me, and deaths. Then i went to pieces. I am startng to feel better by staying calm (no caffine) and taking meds more reg. Yeah, I missed a few 🙂 when I got offtrack. Before I knew this would have scared me into a worse episode. Or I would have thrill seeked to cheer myself up. So, point is stay positive it’ll go away if you take care of yourself, don’t complain (hardest part), take the perscribed meds until you smile 🙂 and breath deeply. In a day or so your attitude will calm down and you feel under control again. That’s your sweet spot, enjoy it. Forgive and forget the bad spots and enjoy the good one. And don’t forget to apoligize/thank those who suffer with you during a bad day. After you calm down you can make nice friends who won’t expect you to be someone you are not. go get um lv d

  35. OH, yeah! I see that you are talking about school…when I first moved to the country with mom to relax and get my good attitude back, I found I needed something constructive to do so I get a grant and started college. I looked at it like this…I’m in a controled environment with a few people who have intelligence, drive and something constructive to do. And it was up to me which classes and how many. I could always quit or cut back. Found out I could go for free and get an apartment and the guys were smart…all good. I started slow and ended on the deans list. Don’t use my hurried typing as an example of what i can do. Now I have had a professional job for years (they only think I’m bipolar I never told them…lol). One day at a time as I am recovering from a wicked bad attitude this week. no caffine for me, eh?

  36. forgot to tell you, as a disabiled student they gave me time and a half for tests because I couldn’t think well. so just ask for help. There is!!

  37. I’m having a bad day, with lots of negative thoughts. Just don’t know if I can fight this uphill battle(being married to a bp) in the long run. My husband came home feeling “up” and now I’m feeling down. I just feel overwhelmed.

  38. ana: I know how you feel. I am not a bp supporter, but I like your husband have bipolar. It is hard to handle sometimes. I starting going into an episode shortly the holidays. My doctor is still trying to find the right medication for me. I too have felt like giving up, but you can’t give up. Your husband needs you and your support right now. I am not trying to give you a hard time by saying that. You and your husband will get through this. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I have to keep reminding myself of that fact. Just hang in there okay? I will keep you in my prayers.

  39. d: Perspective is definitely difficult to keep when your in the midst of an episode. I am trying to figure out how to take care of myself when I have a three year old who relies on me. I love my daughter to death don’t get me wrong, but being a single parent it is overwhelming, but even more so when you are struggling. I keep reminding myself there is light at the end of this tunnel. I will get through this and so will you. I will keep you in my prayers.

  40. Hi Dave,
    Sometimes your thinking is just too simplistic. Sure you have plenty of positive feedback from adoring fans but as someone with bipolar for over 30 years and the founder of a support group of 25 yrsI say “be careful”. From the inside – out is a very different story.
    “Judge not yet you be judged yourself”

    Wendy Lorraine Perth Western Australia

  41. Hi David, I hope your day was better than mine. In response to the apology letter you were going to write: To begin with, I think he misunderstood you. Therefore, no apology necessary. If you feel something needs to be said, it should be an explaination of what you really said and let him know that hopefully you can clear it up. But that’s my opinion. Have a good week. Cindy

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