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Jail More Likely Than Treatment For Americans With Psychiatric Disorders
DO> This is terrible, don’t you think?

Dustin Damm Memorial Walk for Mental Illness
DO> Very inspirational article, take a look.

Psychiatrist Calls Many Docs ‘Pill Pushers’
DO> Do you agree with this?

Bipolar disorder: When you’re on Top of the World – and the Only Way is Down
DO> Good point, don’t you think?

Father’s presence at Home Helped Kids, Psychiatrist Says
DO> Another great article for you to review.

What can a Bipolar Person do to Handle Stress Better?
DO> Great tips, take a look.

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  1. I have a friend that confirmed how true that statement is. She says most onlookers noticed she’s been so much happier even the man in her life says she’s nicer since a Paternal Figure of some sort came into the environment.

    Father’s presence at Home Helped Kids, Psychiatrist SaysDO> Another great article for you to review.

  2. your articals do not help me. i want to know about the illness,
    how i can help manage myself. who cares if mary j. b. will be
    able to play the part?

    your articles of other people committing suicide is only showing me or teaching me, giving me ideas on how to do it.

    i am very sick, very mad, and those articles don’t help me.
    i need to know about the illness itself not what someone else

    i may be wrong with all this but i have no info on bipolar, just cases that you say may interest me. at this point…no.
    i need to know about the illness. how to handle my bipolar-depression.

  3. To ROSARIO: Continue to read Dave’s blog during the week. Only on Fridays, does he find articles that “might” be of interest to those of us with bipolar disorder. His weekly blogs are more informative; obviously, you are new to this site…give it a chance to help you. I am sorry that you are depressed and that the articles are not helping (well,, of course NOT), but if you give BipolarCentral a chance, it CAN educate you. I suggest you go through the archives that are listed on the site, and open to anything that catches your eye. Good luck to you…and I DO care…

  4. In a professional psychology book they list the stability of the home and how important it is for children and they also list 3 lethal situations: 1 (worst) mentally ill father in home that is not properly medicated 2 father leaves home but is not properly medicated so child does not have a stable father figure anyway 3 father leaves home and does not see kids. It went on to explain how the toxicity of having an untreated manic angry parent in the home or seeing them outside the home but still they are manic angry and acting out is worse than never seeing the parent at all. Which makes sense. There is no benefit to a child to be subjected to chaos. But there is a benefit to keeping a family in tact and a mentally ill parent on appropriate medications.

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