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How’s it going?

Hope you are doing well.

Boy I sure did eat a lot over the last couple of days
but it’s good because I have lost 9 pounds and I do
NOT want to. I am actually under my target weight
so I am going to try to gain weight over the next month
or so.

Well enough with that.

I wanted to talk about something that’s a major
secret to bipolar success and success in general.

It’s something that has taken me a long time
to figure out.

It’s something that has helped me tremendously.

It’s something that helped my mom tremendously.

It’s something that has helped so many people
but people don’t really talk about it.

What is it? It’s called personal coaching.

I have been mentioning this over the last
few days.

I totally believe in personal coaching. I
actually have hired and used many coaches.

Right now I have 6 coaches. I think some
people think that I figure it all out myself.

My mom has 4 coaches. It might sound odd
but coaching is the way to cut down on
how long it takes to reach a goal.

Here is an article that I wrote that talks
about the benefits of coaching. Take a look:

Benefits of Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is a general term that is used in
the specific fields of: business, executive, life,
career, and interpersonal relationships. It is also
used to differentiate this coaching process from the
more popular type of sports coaching; although, both
Personal Coaching and sports coaching do have the
same origin, and are similar in many ways.

Personal Coaching involves more of a relationship,
however, than does sports coaching, and is defined
and designed in a relationship agreement between a
coach and their client. This relationship is based
on the client’s expressed personal interests, goals,
and objectives.

Personal Coaching is a learning process. The Personal
Coach can use reflection, inquiry, requests and/or
discussion as ways to help the client identify
his/her business, personal, and relationship goals.
Then they can develop strategies and form action plans
intended to achieve those goals.

A Personal Coach provides a way for clients to be
held accountable to themselves, which benefits the
client by monitoring their progress towards the
success of their action plans. Together, the coach
and their client implement and modify the plan as
they go, working with what best suits the client’s
needs – business, executive, life, and career – as
well as dating and interpersonal relationships.

A Personal Coach acts as a “human mirror” for clients
by sharing an objective, unbiased, outside perspective
on what they are observing about their clients.
For example, a Personal Coach can teach specific
skills and insights which can empower the client
to reach their personal goals. Finally, a Personal
Coach can encourage the client to celebrate the
achievement of those goals.

Clients are the ones who are responsible for their
own achievements and successes. The Personal Coach
may assist, but it is the client who actually takes
action; and although the Personal Coach is in the
role of assistant, he/she never does more than the
client. Therefore, a coach cannot and does not
promise that a client will attain specific goals
or perform any specific action – they can/will only
coach them towards the achievement of those specific
actions or goals.

Personal Coaching is not therapy or counseling.
However, the client may see other mental health
professionals to meet their needs through those
specific methods, if necessary. The Personal
Coach recognizes his/her limitations, and will
refer the client for other professional services
as is ethically required.


Coaching is super important especially
with bipolar disorder.

In my courses/systems below:




many told me that the feel like when
they are reading the documents or listening
to the audios, I am talking directly to

The reason is, I worked hard to put it
all together and I know what you need
to learn when dealing with bipolar
disorder so the fact that you feel
the material is in harmony with you
is no surprise.

The reason why I am starting a coaching
program is because so many people said
that they wanted to get my courses/systems
and also work one on one with me.

I have met a whole lot of people that
have a great doctor, therapist and coach.
For the most part it’s a life coach.

I have only heard of one coach that specially
deals with bipolar disorder. I guess I will
be the second one 🙂

Like I have said, I didn’t have a structured
program so I always said no.

At 5:00pm EST today, I am going to be launching
my program. Unfortunately I can only take 20
people. I don’t have any more time than that.
This way I can do a super great job with
a limited number of people.

I had a few coaches a while back that had
to many clients and really never were
able to focus on me. I don’t want my program
to be like that.

The other thing that I find with bipolar
disorder is that it kind of paralyzes people.
It causes them to be almost stuck doing
the same old thing over and over and over
again. For YEARS. I look at my dad. He seriously
got stuck for years. He really should have gotten
a coach or outsider to give him some advice.
He agrees with me today about this.

It’s interesting. My mom totally believes in coaching
and my dad kind of does. My dad is a believe in doing
it all himself and figuring it all out himself
which doesn’t make much sense to me.

If you are wondering what coaches my mom
has, I will tell you. She has a coach for
computers. A coach for working out. A job
coach and I am her coach as well.

Recently I have been kind of amazed how many
super successful people I know that had coaches.
Whether it’s in weight training, computers, going
to college, dance, bipolar disorder, business,
fishing, photography, etc, I know one or more
people getting coached.

I really find that people that want to figure
it all out themselves wind up never really reaching
their goals. It’s sad but true.

Anyway, if you want to work one on one with me,
for non medical and non legal coaching, please
check your email at 5:00pm today and read
about my program. Just remember I am limiting
it to only 20 people.

The details on the cost and how it works will
be on the page later today.

Hey I have to run, catch you tomorrow.

Your Friend,


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  1. dave,
    i loved your newletters.i was in a manic stage the other night.if it wasnt for my husband being home with me.i would have spent over $ you know on what?on your material on inform supporters not to lend us money,but you have them/us buy your programs.whats up with that?are you getting rich on our illness,by saying you are trying to help us?in the beginning i thought you were a god, i think you are just another get rich quick guy.praying on the mentally ill that dont know better.and im one of them.sorry.

  2. Dear David,

    I am amazed at your latest letter on Bi polar and coaching. Unknowningly, I did a Coaching Course earlier this year, before I knew that my husband was Bipolar. This has been the only way I have been able to comminucate with him this year, or until he was diagnosed. So, yes, I agree with you and will most certainly take this on the road with me in South Africa!


  3. Diane

    Do you expect David to spend his time (time IS money) putting together all this material, courses, etc. for others and receive nothing for it? Do you realize how selfish that is?

  4. doubledee56
    im sorry you are right i am selfish on what i said.
    i sorry to every one out there that i hurt by saying that.
    esp. to you dave,i know you are trying to help us.i know you are spending your time and your money doing so.oct,nov,dec are BAD months for me.i know its not an excuse to lash out but some times i can not help it.but after i do it .its to late to take the words please forgive me dave .i am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Dear David:

    I have been reading your information for a couple of years now and today’s article on coaching prompted me to write (although the idea to contact you has been floating around in my head for the past few months!)

    To provide context, like you I am NOT a therapist, doctor, lawyer, or accountant – I am the daughter (supporter) of a woman who has fought a lifelong battle with depression; the wife (supporter) of a man with bi-polar disorder who only recently entered treatment; the mother of a 12-year old son (supporter) who has already had to fight off a predator and threatened suicide; the employer (supporter) of several individuals with a range of mental illnesses; a 30 year veteran of the nonprofit sector, most of which has been spent serving as an advocate and caregiver (supporter) for those with mental illnesses; and a trained life coach who primarily coaches those with bi-polar disorder. (While I’ve never called it my specialty – I guess there are 3 of us!)

    I began using “coaching” in my work with vulnerable people with mental illnesses over a decade ago and can tell you many amazing stories about how much of a difference coaching can make. I also have developed an array of individual and group coaching formats/programs and products to help people better manage the “business of life” so they can focus on restoring their health; retaining their sense of self-determination and independence; and reviving the sense of hope and joy in their lives. (It is somewhat ironic given all of this and the thousands of people that I have worked with over the years successfully that it took YOUR marketing system to capture my husband’s attention and begin to address his own illness – go figure!)

    What has impressed me about the work you do is that you seem to have been able to utilize the internet in a way that I am just now beginning to understand. What I have also noted (upon ordering and now having reviewed your entire course) is that while your system is amazing and one of the most informative I have read, there are a few gaps that I believe the products I have been providing my personal clients for years on an individual basis fills in and may prove beneficial in the work you are doing. I also have written and am just now beginning to test a training program to prepare others to serve as life coaches and more effective supporters for those living with mental illness and other disabilities.

    I am also currently engaged in a variety of efforts that would enable individuals with bi-polar disorder to engage the services of life coaches in a way that could be funded through their disability benefits. I believe that the Community Choice Act (S 799) could be the open door many of us who have been advocating for mental health parity have been waiting for and a perfect vehicle to introduce life coaching as an effective methodology. I have several years of research – as I am sure you do as well – that can support the use of life coaching in the treatment plan in a more formal and effective way.

    I am intrigued that you initiated the work you are doing as a private venture as I have chosen to take a nonprofit approach and would not have considered your business model for such a venture. Perhaps the distinction is in our basic professional orientation however what I sense is that the synergy created between an alliance of some form would be incredibly powerful. I would love the opportunity to discuss these issues with you in more depth and would welcome a return call or email at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks for what you are doing David – it is rare for someone to take on such a huge issue, even more rare that they actually make the type of difference you are making. May the angels guard your path in these efforts and if I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Julieann Murphy Cross
    River of Light Enterprise, Inc.

  6. Dear Dave,
    Ireally am interested in your newsletters. I am almost 7 years post diagnosis bi-polar,at the age of 47 yrs. I had a really rough time the first year,in and out of the hospital, but now I am very stable with my meds and people don’t believe that I’ bi-polar. I think your doing a great job with all your information, but at this time I really am not interested in purchasing. I live with my husband that is on disability from a head injury 20yrs post do our finances are very limited. Thankyou for all that you do Sicerely Claudia Johnson

  7. Dear Dave, Ireally am having a rough time getting through to you. I enjoy rerading the information you have put out there. I am bi-polar almost 7 yrs post diagnoises at the age of 47. I had a really rough time the first year in and out of the hospital, but since I’m doing really good, that people question that I am bi-polar. Your info is very interesting but I live with my husband that is head injured 20 yrs post and our finances are tight. Keep up the great work. Sincerely,
    Claudia Johnson

  8. My “life coach” is my psychotherapist. She’s been there in ALL my ups and downs, and is there to celebrate my successes, no matter how small. I do NOT know what I will do without her; she is retiring next year, and though she’s only a year older than me, she is taking early retirement!

    This will mean taking on a new therapist. I will have to start from Ground Zero – almost from conception on, as I am an adopted child who spent her first 9 months in 6 foster homes! There was absolutely NO maternal bonding when I needed it, so I have a great fear of abandonment, which issue I will have to deal with with my new therapist! Why, oh, WHY do I have to deal with so many CHANGES in my life??!! I have “started over” so MANY times in my life; I was just getting to the point where I ASSUMED I was “locked into” the same therapist for LIFE.

    But – I DO have a sort of “coach” in my best friend. Although she’s much older, she has been a “constant” in my life since 2001.
    She is a Christian counselor, who accepts NO fee, but she DOESN’T counsel me – she is my FRIEND. We have been through soooo much together in that time – although I didn’t know her that well, I invited her to my wedding in June of 2003; and she was there for me when my husband died three months later. With her wisdom, I can learn soooo much; and she IS a constant for me…

    I never looked at my support “units” as “life coaches” before, but I guess that’s what they have become. I have a team – my psychiatrist, my therapist, my family doctor, and my boyfriend. Knowing that they have nothing but my best interests in mind, I can turn to either one of them in a crisis, and know I can get HELP.

    Dave, I would LOVE to sign up for your life coaching sessions. I WILL read your email about it – and see if I can AFFORD it. If I’m shut out because too many people are signing up – perhaps I can be put on a “waiting list” and take advantage of any openings. I think your offer to be a “life coach” is AWESOME. What with all the irons you have in the fire, to take on one more offering – well, I can only ADMIRE your fortitude!!

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and the ones who love them. My prayers are with you.

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