Laughing at Bipolar Disorder



Before we go any further, let me tell you that I’m not talking about the kind of ha-ha let’s make a joke about the whole thing and not take it seriously kind of laughing at bipolar disorder. That’s
not what I mean. What I’m talking about is having a sense of humor. Not just about bipolar disorder, but about life in general.

If you take life too seriously, especially if you have bipolar disorder, or are a supporter to someone with bipolar disorder, you’ll end up with an ulcer or even more serious stomach problems or stress-related problems. Really, doctors will confirm this!

Like I said, I’m NOT saying to take everything as a joke, so don’t send me any hate mail about this. I KNOW bipolar disorder is a serious disorder – remember? My mother has it, and I’ve been dealing with it my whole life. I do know how serious it is.

But if you give up your sense of humor, it will overtake your life, and everything will become stressful to you, and you won’t only suffer emotionally, you’ll suffer physically as well.

Even the Bible says, “Laughter does good like a medicine.” I’m not saying you have to be religious to appreciate that saying. I’m just saying that even back in the old days they knew that to be true. So it would be a good thing to take to heart.

It’s important to not be so serious all the time that the stress of the disorder takes over your
life, and how it’s important to have some things that are enjoyable in your life as well. Enjoyment, laughter, happiness – they are all important parts of management of bipolar disorder.

I’ve heard some funny sayings about bipolar disorder: “If you like rollercoasters, you’d LOVE bipolar disorder!” “If you have bipolar disorder, you get to play both Dr. Jekyll AND Mr. Hyde in all the school plays!” “Where’s my other mood? I know I had it here somewhere!” “Well, at least it’s not TRI-polar disorder!” “If you have bipolar disorder, you get to go shopping. A lot. A real lot. A real, real lot!” I’m sure you can think of some yourself.

The point is that everyone – from the child laughing at a clown, to an adult laughing at a funny saying or a joke – loves to laugh. And laughter gives us a break from stress.

There’s no doubt that bipolar disorder is stressful – both for the loved one as well as the supporter. So any time you can get a break from that stress is a good time. You need to find enjoyment in your life anywhere that you can find it.

As a supporter, you should make it a point to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of your loved one. In doing that, I recommend that you also include times where you do things that you enjoy – like reading, hobbies, outside interests, etc. This is important. They make you feel
good about yourself and your own life apart from the bipolar disorder.

Things that we can laugh at, things that we enjoy, are things that add to our lives and the enjoyment of them. So laugh at the bipolar disorder if you can, like at the funny sayings
above. Here’s a case in point:

I know of a woman who, in a manic episode, bought $60 worth of make-up. When she got
out of the episode, instead of getting mad at herself for doing it, she laughed, and said, “Boy, with all that make-up, I could look like a woman on the cover of Vogue!”

Of course, she was able to return the make-up and get her money back, but the point is that
she was able to inject a little humor into the situation so she didn’t stress about it.

Do you see my point? There is already so much stress involved with living with bipolar
disorder. If you can find anywhere to inject any humor into it, you’ll be more happy and

Well, I have to go!

Your Friend,


  1. This is so true! I remember years ago, my husband and two little girls would joke saying, “where is mommy’s sense of humor? Is it in her sock drawer? Lets go check.” They always got a giggle out of me.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anger is not always bipolar. I find it disturbing that they generalize and vilify bipolar and autism. Can you please help me understand. I feel I suffer from deep and on going bullying.I was told I was bipolar because I talk fast. Keep asking if I hear voices. Like they wanted me to say yes. Read this morning God talks to us through our thoughts. I was told voices are thoughts. Can you help me understand.

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