It’s a Bipolar World


You know, researchers have been saying for a long time that we are a product of our environment. They say that children learn what they live, in fact. So that if they live in an environment filled with violence, they will become violent people themselves. But if they live in a loving, nurturing environment, then that is the type of person they will become in the future.

But what happens when you’re surrounded by an environment filled with mental illness? Some supporters have even questioned whether they can “catch” their loved one’s bipolar disorder, and

that’s one myth that I try to dispel when I talk to people.

Living in a “bipolar world” can truly alter your perception of reality sometimes. You can get so caught up in the “bipolar-ness” of everything that your “normal” just isn’t what it used to be at all. It can make you feel crazy! Even to the point, like I mentioned, where you question whether you can “catch” your loved one’s bipolar disorder, because you may feel like you’re starting to

have some of the same symptoms. The fact is: NO. You cannot “catch” your loved one’s bipolar disorder. But you can react to it. Especially when you live in a bipolar world. If your world consists of nothing but your loved one’s bipolar disorder, you are in dangerous territory. Like I was saying before…Your perception of reality will be altered. You won’t have a natural sense of “normal” any more.

Of course…Anyone dealing with a loved one with bipolar disorder has to live with a new normal” than before. A type of “what is normal for now” sort of thing…Now being now that their loved one is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Because there is a “normal” that comes with bipolar. And that is the normal that happens between bipolar episodes. What is called the normal period. And that’s different for each person who has the disorder. So your normal would be what your loved one is like between their bipolar episodes. So when I’m talking about normal for you, that’s what I’m talking about. So your life needs to be as normal as it can be.

You just can’t live in the bipolar world, or it will drive you crazy. You just can’t center all your thoughts around bipolar disorder, for one thing. You should be having other, more positive thoughts, about other more varied things. Things that have nothing to do with your loved one’s

bipolar disorder. You can’t dwell on it all the time. When your loved one isn’t in a bipolar episode, you should take advantage of their normal periods, and do the things together that you couldn’t do when they were in an episode. Get out. Have fun! Go places. Get yourselves out of that bipolar world that can tend to surround you so easily.

As for yourself…Try to have a life outside your loved one and their bipolar disorder. This will help to keep the bipolar world from overwhelming you. Have a job outside the home, for example. Try to see family and friends often. Do things that you enjoy away from your loved one

and their bipolar disorder (alone or with someone else). Try to keep your own life as normal as possible.

Well, I have to go!

Your Friend,


  1. Thank you, Dave. I simply laid my forehead on my forearm and sighed. Thanks for giving us courage, for telling us that we must and will conquer this difficulty.

  2. on point!!!! Walmart Man saves the Day!!!

    we had been dealing with Mother issues of abandonment and neglect since we were 10, 11 and 12. We grew up very paranoid always thinking and the Evil Eye of Mother Dearest was watching and listening over our every move. No doubt we need to process this mother issue and seek unconditional love …..which brings us to where we are — every chance we get, we do the very things that remind us that we are loved unconditionally – running away from those that reminded us that an Evil Eye was upon us as young children……we avoid them completely – whether they come in form of Fresh Beaus, Children, etc. Life is beautiful and we refuse to live like products of the horror movie “Mommie Dearest” – Me and My sisters are in Georgia at the moment and enjoying life. Our ages are

    46, 47, and 49

    we’ve come a long way from being 10 years old but lord help me if I’m truly revealed.

    Never let someone with a past come into your life and “take it out on you”………


  3. Today I dedicate this to the friends that always wish me a Good Night – They do this because they try to ease me into Gentle Slumber after a hard day of working with those with “Sybilistic” character – sort of like bipolar but the folks have had much more than 2 personalities!

    Take a load off, breath, wake up at a beautiful welcoming Arizona like rise and retire with and Arizonal like sunset…….Life is to be enjoyed – no one said your job, the person you chose as a neigbhor or your children were supposed to be the solution to the problems in your ways….that’s solely up to you — You have to seek the happiness that you already have and that comes in embracing who you truly are – All your neighbor can do is carrying a sign in his arms of a reflection of you, all your children can do is reflect a “younger version” of you and all your job does is remind you that what you do is worth a “money”…You get paid for what you do, don’t you or you wouldn’t do it. Arise and Shine and see who you truly are especially when the day is full of bumps and bruises and troubles sights and sounds….you were still wonderfully made and awe inspiring……….Wow! Amazing

    by the way the people that ease me into thos sweet whispered goodnights were My Mother and a colleague who used to spend lots of time on the phone and email with me; people I truly admire.

    Good Day!

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