Important Notice About Bipolar News

I just got this message from someone and I am going to write a response:

Why are you now charging people for access to articles, it does not make sense to me, are you trying to help people or to make money for yourself?


This person is referring to my articles at

Specifically, I just sent out the current news which is at

On these pages it says:

Note: One or more of the following articles may require a subscription to view the entire article. We cannot post articles that require a subscription. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

What this means is the are some companies that post articles but they require a subscription. You aren’t going to be paying me you are going to be paying them. Much like charges for some articles.

When I first started doing this, I never even post articles that would require a subscription but a couple hundred people said they like the option of seeing a preview of an article and then having the ability to pay if they want to. Pay the company offering the article not me that is.

So I hope this clears things up.

Some ask me why I even respond to these emails and ask if I get annoyed. I don’t really know why I take the time to respond to stuff that is really obvious and also that is indeed annoying.

I am not sure why a very small percentage of people like to complain about the costs of things. If there is a good article, and you want it, pay the subscription price and read it.

Good information is not a waste of money.

  1. I agree Dave, Just like when you go to the book store, If you want the book you will buy it, sure you can read a little to see if you like it, but the book store isn’t the sole person that gets the money it is also the author of the book, newspaper and Such. Just my two cents.

  2. Hi Dave…….
    Great work on the site. We need you to put up links back to the home page on all your links so you can rate higher in the search engines. Keywords will help too in the source…let me know if i can help out in any way as i have a few sites. ….

    Here’s the question… DO you have any documentation that bi polar disorder is passed down to daughters by their mother?
    Could this have affect on one or all of my daughters?

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