Gosh Darn It!


A friend was telling me about her 2 year old granddaughter the other day. She told me about what happened the last time she visited her. It totally cracked me up! So I thought I’d share it with you. Maybe it’ll put a smile on your face.

She was watching her granddaughter playing, and her granddaughter tipped over a box of balls,
and says, “gosh darn it!” Then she started coloring (she can’t really color yet, but she does kind of draw circles). But she broke the crayon! Again, she said, “gosh darn it!”

So she started playing with something else. And she played for a while, but then she took a
break. And she went to take a drink of her juice that was on the table. But she accidentally knocked her cup off the table, spilling the juice. So what did she say? You guessed it! “Gosh darn it!”

My friend was telling me this, and I thought it was hilarious, because I could totally picture this,
coming out of a 2 year old’s mouth! I mean, she probably heard the phrase from her mom, but for a 2 year old to say it, how cute!

Well, accidents do happen. And people do make mistakes. But what do you do when your loved one makes mistakes? I’m sure a “gosh darn it” does NOT cut it in their case, does it?

When a person is in a bipolar episode, they can say and do things they are not totally aware of.
I know that idea can be hard to grasp, especially for you, the supporter.

But it can be hard to understand that it is not your loved one’s fault when they do things in a bipolar episode that really aren’t their fault.

For example: Say your loved one is in a bipolar manic episode. And they are approached for a business venture. Well, normally they would thoroughly check out the business venture to make sure it is a sound investment.

Unfortunately, one of the characteristics of a manic episode is impulsivity. So in a manic episode, your loved one wouldn’t necessarily take those precautions.

So he invests all your savings. All of it! And it turns out the investment is a poor one. And you lose ALL your savings!

It was a mistake. So is it your loved one’s fault? You might feel like it is. You might really want to blame him. But it is really the fault of the bipolar disorder. Because he was in a bipolar episode when he made the investment. So he wasn’t really thinking rationally.

So what do you do? The thing is, you need to forgive him. Yep. You need to forgive him.

Sometimes bipolar disorder gets the best of us. And it’s not your loved one’s fault if they do
something because they are in an episode.

Now, in this example, I’m saying you forgive, but I’m not saying that you forget, because you
need to remember and to make sure it cannot happen again by making sure he cannot get to the savings in the future.

You can forgive your loved one without forgiving the act. They are two separate things.

Well, I have to go!

Your Friend,


  1. Hello Mr. Oliver. Thanks so much for the story of my grand daughter. You are soooo lucky to be with her, As u know, I have not seen my grand daughters, Sara, or Greg. I was told by her friends, my friends and relatives how much love there was between Sara and I. Many people told me that I was the best parent they have met. The only one that would know that would have my e mail address would be Sara. In the divorce she seemed to favor her mother (Donna). It has been years that I have seen my family. My attitude is to have “Class” or Christian thoughts towards Sara and her family. I learned that my brother went to Dallas to see the last birthing. I have learned that my brother has been saying negative things about me. Guess what? He is like a ghost and I never see him. I am really depressed about this. It is like I am Charles Manson.

  2. Growin up, we had so much fun together. I paid for all of tuition at OSU. I bought her cars and other things. The last time I saw her was at their wedding. We danced together to the song “Sara Smile”. Before the wedding we were together and it was loving. I joked with her and it seemed to ease her. I am a good man. I have gotten pictures from her Facebook of my Angellic grand daughters. I am proud of them, I have sent the pic’s to my Facebook friends. There is a saying that her Granpa Steve used to say to me. You can not fool young kids or dogs. I go to Wal Mart and the cute kids start smiling at me. I am proud of Sara. She had problem getting excellent jobs. I do not know what Greg is doing for his career. When he graduated from OSU with an engineering degree, he could gotten a job at Chesapeake making easily over $100,000.00. I had 4 friends that could have got him a job. I am curious, there was articles about Bi Polar I have seeing Dr James Gilbert for about 20 years. I have not been diagnosed with bi polar. I was amzed that I saw your e mail. I am happy u have e mailed me. Sara’s daddy Steve Penrod

  3. Can you tell me more details, I read your e mail and I was so excited that I assumed u were taking my “Angellic” grand daughter. Sara can be reached on Facebook as Sara Spingman. I can be reached at 4058375770

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