Did you know this about bipolar doctors?


How’s it going?

I hope you are doing well.

Hey, I have done a whole lot of interviews
with people who have bipolar disorder
and are really successful.

I must say, it’s hard to get these
done. It requires a ton to make it
happen. I have to run ads to find the
people, screen them, screen them
again, preinterview, set a day and
time (hope the people don’t cancel
which many do), etc. It’s a big

BUT, the past few days I found some
GREAT people.

I was talking to one woman who was
telling me her story and she had mentioned
that basically she had a doctor that
took her off her medication for bipolar
which caused her to go into a huge
manic episode.

I don’t know if you know this but
the reason why my mom went in her
really big episode a few years ago
was because a doctor took her off
her medication.

I didn’t know this back then and
thought that my mom stopped taking
her medication on her own. She told
me the doctor told her to not take it.
I thought that she wasn’t telling the
truth but I did my own investigation
and found that she was telling the

When I found out, I was SUPER mad
at the doctor. I called him, over
and over and over and over and over
again to ask why he did this. First
he wouldn’t return my phone calls
and then I basically let them know
that I would come to the office EVERY
day until I got an answer and I would
bring newspaper reports as well.

I am a total no nonsense bottom line
person. I hate excuses and when people
give me the run around.

So anyway when it was all said and done,
this doctor was so clueless, he admitted
he just didn’t know why he took her
off her medication. He “lost” the records.

At that point, I realized there were good
and bad doctors like there are good and
bad accountants for business. In the past,
I have had horrible accountants that were
totally clueless. I learned the hard way.

Anyway, so when I was doing this bipolar
success interview this woman said how
she never, ever got better until she
found a new doctor who immediately
made all the difference.

This is what happen to my mom as well,
after her really bad doctor, she went
to the hospital for a couple of weeks
and then the outpatient program.

NO ONE would help her really. I was
starting to get discouraged. I worried
that my mom would be “stuck” in a bipolar
episode forever.

I didn’t have anyone to really ask and
talk to. There was no guy like me who
you could buy a course from and get
the real deal. I couldn’t find success
stories at support groups.

I just didn’t know.

But then I invented my doctor finding
system and figured out how to screen
lots of doctors and found my mom’s

The system that’s in all my courses/systems




NOTE-We actually had three qualified doctors
to choose from. I feel I could have generated
about 21 if I had to. Anyway, I just gave my mom
three choices and asked her to pick one.

(I knew she would get mad if I didn’t give her
a choice so I did. BUT, I kind of put the one
I liked the best closer to her so she would
pick that one.)

So I went with my mom when she went
to the new doctor. The new doctor was
kind of a little odd. Don’t get me
wrong but she was a little different
than me. She was much shorter than me
and really thin. She had a lot of interesting
things on the wall. I kind of felt like
I was in the 1970s.

good with my mom. She immediately started to
make my mom feel comfortable and get her on
the right track.

Then I left the visit. I just wanted to check
her out real quick and then she didn’t an
examination of my mom.

I just wanted to see her a couple of minutes
to make sure she was on the up and up.

So on the way home, my mom said how she
really liked this person. The doctor is
part doctor and part sales person. Good
doctors sell people on:

Why it’s okay to have a mental illness
How they are going to get better
Why medication is really good for them

They do it in a way like good sales people
do–which is get you to buy into things
on your own accord. Ever go somewhere
and a sales person gets you to buy something
that you really do need but in a nice way?

That’s what a good doctor does. I know that
many a doctor would be offended with what I just
said. They would say, “Dave Oliver, how dare
you compare me to a sales person. Shame on
you. I am not a sales person I went to school
for one million years and I am a professional
not a sales person.”

To those that would say this, what I mean,
there is a level of selling that occurs
between a doctor and a patient. A doctor
my sell, persuade, convince, etc. a patient
about the points I just listed above.

Bad doctors just give people a prescription
and say, “see you next time.”

This is really bad.

Therapists are the same. They are even better
at selling a patient on these things.

I know when I talk to someone with bipolar
disorder I always want them to come away
with the following:

-They can do well
-They need to have a good doctor
-They need to listen to their doctor
-They can manage their bipolar disorder
-There is hope

Many a person has said that I am the only
person who has ever been positive about their
bipolar disorder. I should not be.
A person’s doctor should be positive to
them and so should their therapist.

With that said, always remember how important
the doctor is for bipolar disorder.

People forget this all the time. A good doctor
saves time AND money. If my mom had a good
doctor and therapist over the years, we would
have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

My dad finally gets this.

Spend time finding a good doctor. Shop around.
If you don’t know the questions to ask, get one
of my courses above.

ALSO, make sure you work with the doctor and
follow all the stuff that I explain in my courses
and systems above. There are a lot of things
that you have to do to make the job of the
doctor easier.

Hey, I have to run. I will catch you later.
Oh, guess what? I have some cool new stuff
coming out.

Here’s what I have planned. I have a new
f.ree teleseminar and webinar where you get
to ask me questions and I am coming out
with a new video on bipolar disorder you
can use for free. I’ll send you the details

I am kind of annoyed that I feel that I get
slowed down because I never understand all this
technology and how to use it. I hired someone
with bipolar to help me set stuff up. I have
all the ideas but never know how to use this
software or this thing or that thing.

Hopefully this new person, who is super smart,
can make it simple so I can start getting even
more stuff out to you faster.

Hey, I have to run. I’ll catch you tomorrow.

Oh, post some stories about how a good
doctor has helped you if you have a story.

Your Friend,


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  1. Hello,David I am a 39 year old father of two. I come from a long line of mental illness. I was digignoset in the early 90’s. After too divorcess. I had made a choice to get help again I just could not find that comfert zone. I have been working no-profit for the past 7 years for the most part using the resoursess around me. Six months ago I was not getting the support I needed from work fell into a deprestion. I am taking the steps to get better an get back on the meds an get back to mylife again I look forward to reading your words. Thanks for your work michael

  2. Hello David.

    Back 4 years ago, when I started having mood swings, my family were clueless as to where they should start. As expected, I was taken to our family doctor. He’s just a GP and not a specialist. I was under him for probably 4 months + and the only thing he kept on telling my mum was that I was going to recover very soon. Obviously he was clueless about my situation and did rather say “it’ll improve” than admit that my condition was far worst and that he couldn’t treat me. Needless to say I went to many doctors; a gastrologist[I had terrible gastritis] a neurologist, another physician and 2 psychiatrists before we found the right doctor. My dad spent all his pension money for my treatment plus the doctors did a lot of unnecessary and expensive tests on me. The results were all clean. It was really fortunate for me to have found the psychiatrist I am seeing now. Finding the right doctor does help tremendously and the wrong doctor will put you off track. It’s even better to know that my doctor is knowledgeable in the matter of bipolar. She gives talk on Bipolar Disorder and teaches fellow interns[She’s specialized in the research of Bipolar]. In a way it’s comforting to know that you have the right doctor to help get your life back on track. Therapy helps too.

  3. Hi, I have a long story but I will summarize it for now. I am divorcing a bipolar1 and was involved with a bipolar2 man that I love very much. At Christmas things went VERY bad with us. He is abusing alcohol, was involved with another woman same time as me(and I was specific about not wanting that to happen with us) and is being emotionally,verbally abusive to his ex and threatening her. He has not spoken to me since the day after Christmas and his behavior is still the same. I really want to help him and am trying to learn all I can but am I being foolish. Your articles give me hope but how do I do this and better yet should I do this? I want to fight for him and help him but what can I do? or should i even? There is a long drawn out story behind this so if you have time and interest let me know, I really am struggling with what to do at this point.

  4. I am a Bipolar doctor. I have Bipolar Disorder and I’m a psychiatrist of 30 years. I think the best way to approach a reluctant patient is to first validate their feelings and then explore what they’d like to change, if anything. Acceptance of the illness is key. And it’s important not to call a patient with Bipolar Disorder “Bipolar.” hey are paople who just happen to have Bipolar Disease. Thanks

  5. Hi David, Thanks for all the good doctor dos and donts. I keep blowen interviews, I do not know I must sit there with my fuck you and your job face! I need to take my meds 9:00-am.Thanks David, Karen

  6. thanks merrill. He knows he has this and is seeing a doctor but he’s not honest with her about his alcohol abuse or the other things he’s doing. Right now he’s not talking to me, he’s pushed away anyone who knows of his disease and surrounds himself with those who don’t so they won’t say anything he doesn’t want to hear. how or should i approach this?

  7. My mother was on lithium for about 15 years. The lithium eventually built up in her system. The hospital diagnosed her as having a stroke, but her psychiatrist saw her and in just a brief talk with my mom, diagnosed lithium toxicity and switched her medication. My mom is much better now.

  8. Dave,
    If wasn’t you I’d been entirely alone with this great problem that I have.Your support with emails and subjects ,that you had sended ,has been of great help for me.I’m now lost,without knowing whether my loved one has bipolar, because her doctor ,who had given that diagnostic( after fifiteen years)returned behind, saying by phone,that “was I that was saying that”.He is an old man with much experience in psychiatry, and was university’s teacher, in a medicine school.He refused to mark consultation ,saying that was wrinting books.Perhaps he does that because,by phone,he notices in her, the tendency of explore and to handle the situation . I said that her was stable and well doing in her job.She read a little about bipolar and said she think that has bipolar, perhaps III or IV, and that she made things in her job, many times that were wrong.I’m really very happy if she wasn’t bipolar.She don’t want go to a psyhologist,and I don’t know if I’d been of great help, if she was simulating a situation and lying.Lilian P.

  9. I have manic episodes that seem as though all the rage from my entire life comes out at once, but yet they have diagnosed me as bipolar 2 does this seem right…I am on meds that are controling my symptoms very well right not but am afraid if I get pushed into a corner how I may react!!!!

  10. Dear David,

    I know that you are one of best realist in this field of the mental health.I dont want to say mental illness, because illness it is when you dont have the information about.If you know what is going on.It is not more illness. The disorder needs not to be a BP fact can be only the fact that you are suffering about this duality and you want to quit unconscious your pain.
    Many young people did not know what is happen with then ,also they dont have the opportunity
    to get in charge about the disorders.
    Why ? Because to go to the physicient
    it is in many cases only to get in traitment without effort.
    As we are telling time a go about the good and the bad things in our world.
    Phisiciens are only one of the mutiply elements that they are not able to put their science in the right way.Why? Perhaps can the
    supporters answer me the question?
    My best wishes.


  11. Dear David,

    You are one of the best realist about this mental world.
    I am in agree with you that to be Medical Dr. did not means to be in charge about what is going on about this dark world of the mental subconscious.
    The Psychology was traying to discobert many years and now a days too and will be always something new to research.
    Many young people did not know that they are under this disorder with out to know that they are suffering from depressions and mental disorders.
    In fact it is one of the most important periodes of the life.They need to be conscient that they need support and help,wenn you are suffering about mental problems.
    That is what a want to ask the Podium about,Why many Phisiciens are not able to discober what is going on with this mental world?

    My best wishes.


  12. I am seeing a doctor but not a psychiatrist. I think he is better than a psychiatrist because he is so knowledgable of other specialties. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, and Psychopharmacology. He has helped me so much. I see him every month (like a psychiatrist) and he welcomes my input into my care. With his help I am stable and have been for 6 months.

  13. Hello, my name is shellie. My 20 year old daughter was diagnosed bi polar in Nov.of 07. And I am as hopeless as ever.If it was not for Davids emails I dont know what I would do.My story is this.It took me over a year to get here to go see someone.We got to the first appt. with therapist within 15 min. he said she was bipolar. Said she needed to see the Dr. for meds. made an appt. with her for 2 weeks.then he said he forgot to make an appt. with Dr. and he had deleted her file so she had to do that that appt.So he told her to come back in 2 weeks to see the Dr..At that appt.after an hour of waiting they said they were sorry but the Dr. had forgot her file,come back in a week.So at that appt. she got to see the Dr. but he told her that her file had been lost.So At her next appt. they would have to ass. her again. But the Dr. in 20min. Wrote her 3 pescribtions. One was for lexapro one for zanex and one for abiain to sleep with.He would see her in a month. Sience then she ha swoke up on her front porch,don’t remember days on in, calls to family member she doesent remember. This past sat.was spent at emergency room she passed out at work. She is so doped up many people call me everyday asking what the heck is going on.None of her Drs. Want to talk to me because she is over 18. She has agreeed to let me go to her next appt. on Feb. 7 But Iam SOOOO afraid we wont make that appt.Something Bad is going to happen. Sorry so long thank for listening.

  14. Like you said, some psychiatrists HAVE to be good salesmen, 1) to tell you what they know about bipolar, 2) how they are going to try to help you, 3) set up a treatment plan, and 4) that they really CARE when/if you get better.

    Once you sign up for your psychiatrist/therapist, you’re pretty much locked into them for, hopefully, a very long time. I had one psychiatrist that would only see me in Lithium Group. That was NOT helpful, as I only had a therapist to get me through the rough parts. All that doctor did was change/tweak meds when needed.

    I had another psychiatrist in the early 2000s that had about 4 sessions with me. I have gotten better by the one thing he said to me before he moved to a different practice: “You have the wisdom now to know what will throw you into a manic.” So – it also takes FAITH from your doctor that you can be proactive in your own case.

    I now have a Physicians Assistant, who is allowed to prescribe meds. Unfortunately, I’m only allowed 20 minutes with her every 3 months. What do I do when/if my mood changes radically, and I need her??!!

    My cognitive therapist has been with me for almost 37 years, off and on. We get along great, and she’s always telling me how well I’m doing, and when my thinking is way “off.” She’s retiring at this time next year, so I’ll have to “break-in” a new therapist or go the route of group therapy.

    I’m NOT good in group, because I tend to take on the others’ problems and make them my own. I must admit I feel a certain fear in the uncertainty of my therapeutic future!

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love them. God bless you real good.

  15. To SHELLIE: How in the world did they “lose” her file sooo many times? And “forget” that she had an appointment? Sounds like you need a new mental health center.

    As to whether something “bad” will happen before Feb.7 – don’t worry. Have you heard? “95% of the things we worry about never happen; God takes care of the other 5%.”

    Do everything you can to make your daughter comfortable. I know that’s hard, but she needs your support now more than ever. If she shows signs (talking about, acting out) of hurting herself – get her to the ER. They can assess her there if her bipolar is out of control.

    I will pray for you until you get your daughter the help she so desperately needs.

  16. Suzannewa,

    I always enjoy your posts. I don’t like group therapy that much because when I have specific, pressing problems, there’s not always time to work it out in the group. Everyone else has pressing problems too! I prefer therapy sessions that are one on one. I am hoping you find a good therapist when your current one retires.

    Dave, what do you think of a psychiatrist who spends an hour with his patients? Do you consider that as therapy? I’m curious becuase you recommend a doctor AND a therapist for people with bipolar. My husband sees his doctor, (for 1 hour sessions) but doesn’t have a therapist.

  17. i am a supporter of a man who has bipolar. i have tried to go with him to his doctors appts. but he has told me in the past that he doesn’t tell the dr the truth because he doesn’t want the dr to look down on what he really does. so that is why he doesn’t want me to go to the appts.he also doesn’t take his meds. he lies about that too. to the dr. usually not me.i just want to know what i can do to help him. i’m to a point where if he isn’t complying with things he should be doing going to his appt w/therapist, taking his meds, and being truthful, then i feel i have no other option than to just cut my ties. it’s not that i don’t love him, it’s that he doesn’t seem to want to do the right thing by getting stable. help!!!!!

  18. I Really appreciate all the info. that is sent to me. I have a son (Ty)that just turned 19 yrs. old that has the Bipolar Disorder. At first, we thought that it was ADHD, but as time went on and I read more info. I found out different. Now, he is expecting his girlfriend to have a baby BOY. Ty wouldn’t except the fact that HE had a Health Problem, whatever medicine he was given he no longer takes. NOW my worries are about my First Grandbaby! Please, Keep sending Me Info. If this baby has This (B.D.) I need to know how to handle it, and how to Help the parents deal with the fact.

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