Dealing With Bipolar Against All Odds?

Hi, how’s it going? Hope you are doing well.

If you’ve paid any attention to anything lately, you know how bad the economy is. People are getting laid off, and it is hard to find a job. (Among other things.)

Well, I have a friend that was job-hunting. Obviously, not the best year to be job- hunting in, but his budget can’t wait from the recession to be over before having an income. So he did his best to get a job.

He dressed professionally. He brushed up on his interviewing skills. He kept good hygiene and had an appropriate hair style. He had an awesome resume and knew how to fill out applications.

Everyone told him that there were no jobs to be found, and that he was going to fail because of that. But he didn’t let it crush his hopes. It took weeks of diligently going out every morning to look and coming back in the evening.

But finally, he found a job. Those people who thought that he would fail? They couldn’t believe it! He succeeded against all odds.

Now what’s my point to this? You can succeed against all odds, too.

I’ve heard many people say that bipolar is untreatable. I’ve even heard people say that people with bipolar are destined for a life on public assistance. Fortunately, these people are wrong.

But in reality, there are some truths that are also unpleasant. For example, there is no cure to bipolar disorder. You may have to be on medications for the rest of your life in order to maintain stability. Even on medications, there is no guarantee that you won’t have a relapse.

These sound harsh, don’t they? If you think about only those things, without thinking about the other side of things, it can really bring a person down. BUT There is another side to things.

I’ve known people who have bipolar disorder that are stable and successful. In fact, I’ve known many people like that, and have heard of many more. You can be one of those people, too. Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂

But there is one thing you have to do in order for this to be likely. You have to stick to your treatment plan. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Remember my friend who was job- hunting? Well, he would never have found that job if he went without showering, wore blue jeans, and didn’t know how to fill out an application or interview. He had to work at it to meet his goal and get a job against all odds.

In the same way, you have to work at it to get to the point that you can become stable against all odds. It is possible, but it takes work, too. Are you prepared to do what you need to?

Well, I have to go!

Your Friend,


  1. Dear David, This is such an uplifting article and I too am in the process of a move and of finding work. Fortunately I have a former employer where I’m moving to.
    They are a very successful small business. I’m very confident after I move to be able to start out with some small part-time work and a open a new division. Since I know this business so well I am able to expand my skills and help them become even more successful. On the other hand I currently live behind my parents in a small travel trailer. My parents have no faith in me or my future if I were to leave now. They think I’m being closed minded and should stay here and start a little company (with what money?). I think they are doing everything they can to force me to stay living here. The more they force me to fit my square peg into their round hole the more resolve I have to leave and make it work. But am keeping it and them calm until I get the go ahead. Then I will walk out like an adult and pack my things and leave. Leave all this what if crap behind. They keep saying what if this happens what will you do? What if what if what if and that’s all I hear. So my mind says nothings happened yet and I know I’ll have to be frugal and not spend my money but only for necessities. They don’t know I understand using resources or that I even have any. So I say to follow your path and push forward. Take that shower everyday, put on your nice clothes and fix up and look like a success. I think I can do it and make it. I know the odds look bad, but I also know I try harder than the average person to be a cut above the rest. It’s hard when you have family members who only think of you failing and your past failures and will never let you grow up or live them down. I can’t agree with this thinking or I’d end up living in this trailer with no future in sight, ever. Being strong, courageous and willing to work for a future will attract the things you need. Being forward looking, Jeanne

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