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Tomorrow is the day we are going to start allowing comments to the blog again. I am pretty sure tomorrow is the day. We have been working hard on not only setting up a better system so it’s not out of control with comments that are threatening in nature but also new software to make it way easier for to operate the blog.

You can listen to this audio podcast that talks about what happen with the old blog and why I had to stop allowing comments.

It’s not that long, take a listen right now:

Okay with that said let’s get to the bipolar news.

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Here are some of the headlines:

Psychiatry Makes War on “Bipolar Children”
DO> Hmmm. What do you think about this?

Update: Defense psychiatrist says Diehl-Armstrong has bipolar disorder
DO> Interesting article.

Genetics And Bipolar Disorder: Talk Shop With Dr. Melvin G. McInnis
DO> Great article.

Alternative Medications For Bipolar Disorder
DO> What do you think about this?

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