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A blood test could diagnose depression and bipolar disorder
DO> This is amazing news!

Pot Use Ups Odds for Suicide in Young People With Bipolar Disorder
DO> This study issues a startling warning.

Man sentenced to 20 months in prison for hitting and strangling people after they ask him to wear a …
DO> Do you think his bipolar disorder made him do it?

Up to 1 in 5 Adults Faces Mental Health Problems in Middle Age, Study Finds
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Researchers: “Antidepressants Should Be Avoided in Bipolar Depression”
DO> This study makes an important point.

Insomnia Symptoms May Impact Trajectory of Bipolar Disorder
DO> This interview gives good insights into this study.

Lower Bipolar Disorder Rehospitalization Rate With Atypical Antipsychotics
DO> You’ll find this study very interesting.

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