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I have to get going so let me get you the news.

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Mental Illness And The Law
DO> What do you think of this?

A Walk And Story Of Hope
DO> great article.

True To His Form
DO> Another great article.

Briton To Appeal Death Sentence
DO> What do you think of this?
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  1. I hope you feel better soon, Dave! Thank you for all the time you have spent with the newsletters and the information….you have been my rock.
    Thanks again, later.

  2. ditto from me Dave get well soon: your emails and newas items are an inspiration and a help

  3. Get well soon, Dave – have a good rest and lots of vitamin C.

    The story of the British man in China is very disturbing. It seems to be not uncommon for people to get arrested with drugs in the Far East, getting into terrible trouble and putting their lives on the line. Often those drugs were planted! I don’t know if in this man’s case the drugs were planted. If he has bipolar, it is quite possible that he did something during an episode and then couldn’t remember it. Maybe he was trying to help someone out. The article does not give details of what really happened. Even if the man is guilty he should be deported back to the UK. There he would most likely be taken to a psych ward rather than prison. He has a right to justice.

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