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Pitt Researchers To Study Effects Of Early Intervention For
Children Of Parents With Bipolar Disorder
DO> Great article.

Understanding How Bipolar Medications Work
DO> Very interesting article.

More Effective Lithium Therapies Studied
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Wales Team Find Clue to Mystery Brain Drug
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Teen Acts to Protect Mom
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Bipolar Disorder Affects Daily Life
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  1. This is all very informative. The main problem my 76 yr old husband has is that his medication has triggered parkinsons for which he cannot take any medication that works that will not send him into a manic/psychotic episode. Lowering the Zyprexa does not help and triggers the manic episode also. Abilify causes aspiration, so he cannot take that. Does anyone have any suggestion about this? We have given up on the neurologists he has seen who all insist on the same medications for parkinsons. He stays constantly depressed when he is not manic and has mild dementia and diabetes. Antidepressants cause mania also. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. -I am sorry I can’t offer any practicle help, but certainly some moral support.
    Kathy you are a saint! I can only imagine how differcult your life can be, your husband will probably never know how great you are by just being there. Don’t give up, have you tried alternative medicine of therapy for the parkinsons? or maybe a kinesiologist, maybe a Professional ‘breath worker’ for the depression?
    Whatever happens you are in my thoughts and prayers,
    All the best
    with sincere empathy – Devon

  3. And the parkinson’s side effect you will then get blamed for via being told “you poisoned me”. There are geriatric psychiatrists that are supposed to be really a plus in the elderly population especially those with dementia or even early dementia. The trouble is the family (the other relatives) have to be “on board” with supporting YOU as a bipolar supporter, or they will blame you for every single thing and get the person with the bipolar into believing anything they say. This has been my experience and it makes the whole situation 100 times worse. Brain damage, including mini strokes, will also cause bipolar like symptoms, from what I have learned, especially combativeness.

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