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Survey finds benefits, risks of yoga for bipolar disorder
DO> This technique might benefit your loved one.

Life events may worsen bipolar I disorder course
DO> This study reveals something very interesting.

Cyclothymic temperament linked to suicidality
DO> Important study, don’t you think?

Stress coping strategies may protect against bipolar disorder recurrence
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Testing your mental health in the privacy of home
DO> Your loved one could use this app to check their mental health.

Siblings of Bipolar Patients May Have ‘Reproductive Advantages’
DO> This study makes an important point.

S.C. Ryder Releases New Memoir on Depression and Bipolar Disorder
DO> You might enjoy reading this book.

‘Bipolar’ gym-goer ‘bludgeoned man to death with a weightlifting bar’ after victim invited his …
DO> How do you think he should be punished?

ECT benefits demonstrated in randomised controlled trial
DO> Don’t you think this is an important study?

Weight cycling linked to relapse-prone bipolar course
DO> These results make you think, don’t they?

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