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Sensoril® Improves Cognition in Bipolar Patients
DO> This study reveals something very interesting.

Antidepressant risk in bipolar patients limited to monotherapy use
DO> Important study, don’t you think?

Factors linked to bipolar cycle acceleration identified
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Social environment may influence mood stabiliser adherence
DO> These results make you think, don’t they?

Facebook app to predict mental health relapse
DO> Don’t you think this could really help people?

Pageant contestant speaks out on mental health
DO> Don’t you respect this woman’s courage?

Lithium in drinking water may prevent suicides
DO> Good study, wouldn’t you say?

Family Of Lee Thompson Young Opens Up About His Battles With Bipolar Disorder Nearly A Year …
DO> His is a very sad story.

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