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Parents with bipolar disorder feel control by monitoring kids’ moods
DO> Important information for you to know, especially if you are a parent with bipolar.

Inflammation and stress combine in bipolar and schizophrenia subtypes
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Studies in developmental disorders show men are the weaker sex
DO> This video will interest you.

Pregnant women with bipolar disorder face ‘extra challenges,’ study shows
DO> This study is significant because it “confirms that substance abuse and suicidality are active problems in perinatal women with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar but no need to suffer in silence
DO> Here is one man who is doing something about the need for education and support for bipolar.

AIM subscale scores measure affective intensity in bipolar I, II
DO> Important study, don’t you think?

Compensatory brain mechanisms at play in siblings of bipolar patients
DO> Good information to know if you are a sibling of a bipolar patient, or if you have a child who is a sibling of one.

New gene for bipolar disorder discovered
DO> The scale of this investigation is unparalleled worldwide.

Innovative study uses pharmacogenomic test to treat patients with psychotic disorders
DO> These results make you think, don’t they?

Researchers closer to improving safety, effectiveness of lithium therapy
DO> Some important new information about lithium that you might like to know.

Executive dysfunction in bipolar disorder not solely mood dependent
DO> Important study, don’t you think?

Distinct motor activity patterns for bipolar depression and mania
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

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