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Dream Analysis: What Words Reveal about Psychotic Behavior
DO> These results make you think, don’t they?

Bipolar disorder could be more common than thought
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

‘Next to Normal’ a tough musical to adapt
DO> This is a musical you’d want to see.

Maternal influenza link to bipolar disorder refined
DO> Good information for you, especially if you plan to become pregnant.

Health Canada updates safety profile of bipolar drug lithium, may up blood calcium
DO> Crucial information for you if your loved one is taking lithium.

US Representative Patrick Kennedy Describes his Struggle to Overcome Depression, Bipolar …
DO> These stories will move you.

Women with bipolar disorder shoulder heavy medication burden
DO> You will find that this is an important study.

Double blind study validates natural therapy used by women’s shelter as a viable first line …
DO> A new take on natural therapy that will interest you.

Sleep disturbances could be bipolar disorder treatment target
DO> You’ll see that this is an interesting study.

U-shaped association between paternal age and bipolar risk
DO> This study reveals something very interesting.

Rhythmicity of activity linked to bipolar mania
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Consistent mania monitoring during perinatal period warranted
DO> Important information for you to know, especially if you want to become pregnant.

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