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Richard Dreyfuss Opens Up About His Battle with Bipolar Disorder
DO> His story will interest you.

Journalist Michael Hastings ‘battled with bipolar disorder and drugs …
DO> This man’s tragic story will move you.

Obesity, bipolarity may have common mechanisms
DO> Important study, don’t you think?

Emotional processing in bipolar disorder studied
DO> Don’t you find this surprising?

Psychotic disorders more likely in left-handed
DO> Good information for you to know.

“Mathematical deficits” in bipolar disorder
DO> This is important, especially if you have a teenager.

Pregnant Women Need Stronger Bipolar Drugs, Study Reports
DO> This can be dangerous if you’re pregnant.

First-episode type predicts morbidity, disease course in bipolar …
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Comorbid anxiety problematic for adolescents with bipolar disorder
DO> Good information for you if you have an adolescent.

Bipolar primary care prevalence varies by assessment method
DO> Don’t you find this interesting?

Gene Variants May Contribute to Bipolar Illness by Changing Brain
DO> Important information for you to know.

Two factors predict suicide in teens with bipolar disorder
DO> You need to know this information if you have a teen.

Mood disorder subtypes remain in the family
DO> Don’t you think this is an interesting study?

White matter integrity supports heritability of bipolar disorder
DO> Important study, don’t you agree?

Men’s cognitive advantage maintained in early bipolar disorder
DO> Some interesting information for you to know.

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