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Positive Outlook for the Generic Version of Depakote ER
DO> Some interesting information for you to know.

Case for targeting perfectionism in patients with bipolar disorder
DO> Important study, don’t you agree?

Depression highlighted as nonadherence risk in bipolar patients
DO> Interesting study, don’t you think?

Women with manic depression more vulnerable to alcohol problems
DO> Did you know this about bipolar?

Experts warn of ‘systematic discrimination’ against people with …
DO> These statistics will shock you.

In Bipolar, Women Lean Toward Depression, Men Toward Mania
DO> It’s good to know about these differences.

Soldiers Hospitalized For Mental Illness More Than Any Other Reason
DO> Disturbing study, you might find.

Prospective memory fails bipolar patients
DO> You will find this study interesting.

Golden Gate Bridge jumper shares tale in talk at SUNY Orange
DO> This man’s story will move you.

David Fredette Pens First Poetic Novel, LATENT HEAT
DO> You’ll want to read this book.

Guidance for medication in bipolar depression published
DO> Important information that you should know.

Survey finds one in 10 had mental or substance abuse problems in …
DO> Interesting survey, don’t you agree?

Bipolar suicide characteristics found
DO> Important study, don’t you think?

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