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Treatment service use disparities found in bipolar patients
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Preview: New Wave star Adam Ant returns to Pittsburgh
DO> This interview will interest you.

Substance abuse linked to bipolar suicide risk T
DO> Important study, don’t you think?

Bipolar disorder or depression? Researchers may have discovered … Sun News Network
DO> Can you tell the difference?

Brain scans to diagnose bipolar disorder Medical News Today
DO> Don’t you think this would be exciting?

Michigan says mental health courts making difference Oakland Press
DO> Do you think these could work where you are?

Binge eating might influence another kind of bipolar disorder Post-Bulletin
DO> Don’t you think this is important information?

Impulsivity may be vulnerability marker for bipolar disorder
DO> Don’t you agree that this is an interesting study?

Several Factors Linked to Premature Deaths in Bipolar Patients
DO> Did you know this about bipolar?

Personality may be key to genetics of bipolar disorder
DO> Good information for you to know.

Blood biomarkers predict suicidality
DO> Important information you will want to know.

Heritability of severe mental illness may be underestimated
DO> You need to know this if you have children.

Psych Drugs Don’t Raise Death Risk in Mental Illness
DO> This will help you not to worry about your loved one.

Patients with mental illness face high mortality risk in drug trials
DO> You might want to watch this with your loved one.

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