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DBT Holds Promise For Patients With Bipolar Disorder
DO> Did you know this about DBT?

Bipolar Disorder in Women: Hormones, Pregnancy, and Medication
DO> Interesting how women are different, isn’t it?

Mesa woman with bipolar disorder missing
DO> Do you think they will find her?

Morning Checkup: Bipolar Disorder
DO> You’ll enjoy this interesting video.

Bipolar disorder hospitalization rates for children soar
DO> Do you believe it increased such a high percentage?

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  1. thanks so much for your website!

    i’ve been a supporter of the mentally ill for two decades and it’s a thankless, difficult and heavy job.

    many friendly greetings,


  2. thanks so much for your website indeed. Oliver, I was really touched by a particular one where you wrote we love our Pets so much that we some times see em as our children. They say people with a disorder often treat people as they are their Pets or Children but that’s why it is called a disorder – their mental faculties aren’t fully functioning so they aren’t able to distinguish reality from fiction.

    It’s good that you are good at what you do – After I showed this article to My Mom and My Child – they are both celebrating me everyday as they know that I face those with “difficulties” in their personal lives; particularly those that hear and respond to environmental stimuli. I try to show them all the ways that not everything that’s heard is actually meant to heard (in some areas we are straining to participate in a “non inclusive world” but it’s not really there) if you know what I’m saying. Some dont really have children or pets but they often talk to “complete strangers” as though these strangers were their children and/or pet. I think my beau will be celebrating me as well. On with the celebration – I love what My Mom and My Child are doing for me these days — Today we are having lots of Ice Cream!!!!

    Highest regards to you Sir particularly for what you do!

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