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Cape Coral day care killing: Dunn murder trial in 3rd day of penalty phase
DO> What would you think if you were a juror on this trial?

Catherine Zeta-Jones is ‘sick’ of talking about her bipolar disorder: ‘I never …
DO> Do you think she’s complaining?

Borderline Personality, Bipolar Disorders Hamper Employment
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Family History Best Indicator That It’s Bipolar Disorder, Not Depression
DO> Do you think family history contributes to bipolar disorder?

Keep changing classifications of bipolar disorder on radar when prescribing …
DO> Do you think pediatricians know enough about bipolar?

Fun Gifts for People Who Have Bipolar
DO> You’ll love these gifts!

Health on Wins Award!
DO> Can you guess the other winners?

ADHD comorbidity confounds brain findings in bipolar disorder
DO> Do you think these results were tainted by ADHD?

Parents struggle with decision to medicate bipolar kids
DO> Do you think it’s right to medicate bipolar kids?

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  1. Hello, my name is Lynn, and I’m a recovered alcoholic. I also live w/Bipolar II illness. I was interested in the articles abt. ‘bipolar kids,’ which brot to mind a friends’ dtrs. The twins are 14 and their little sister is 12, I think. All 3 are special needs, and on medication. My friend, their mom, has the adult version, and, along w/other health probs., can’t get stable on her mental health meds. Pls. say a prayer for Lori and her dtrs.; they live in Wisconsin. Tks. for letting me share.
    Lynn, alcoholic, cancer thriver

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