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People Living With Bipolar Disorder Ride Emotional Rollercoaster
DO> This is a good way to describe it don’t you think?

Mania Symptom Profile Changes With Age
DO> Wow, interesting article

Memoir Explores Struggles Of Raising Children While Dealing With Husband’s Mental Illness
DO> Another great article, take a look.

Uthealth Researchers Study Add-On Treatments For Bipolar Disorder
DO> Hmm. Sounds promising

Patterns Of Brain Activity In Response Of Emotional Faces May Help Diagnose Bipolar Disorder
DO> What do you think about this?

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  1. Please test your links before sending out. This is the second bad link in last two months.
    🙂 Don’t be discouraged, I have bad days too.

  2. Oh my, I’m overwhelmed at the info. out there !I have a stepchild(52) who I raised since she was 2yrs. Her mother was unusual abandoning her along with siblings at the age of 6yrs. She has been diagnosed with Bipolar this yr.The rest of her siblings have turned away saying”she is like her mother’. But father was diagnosed with depression also. Thanks for this website. I want to learn all of it. I worked as an LPN,but not in psych. I definately am interested in helping her & mending the family.

  3. The roller coaster is often more than I can bear. When my girlfriend skips two days off her meds, camera gear get stolen, car stereos get kicked in and I get punched in the face while driving. Please help

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