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A Psychiatrist Tells The Truth — It’s OK Not To Be ‘Normal’
DO> What do you think about this?

What Are Some Of The Positives About Having Experienced Bouts Of Depression?
DO> Do you think there are any positives?

Utah Mom: Young Kids Need To Learn About Mental Health
DO> Do you agree with this or not?

Hidden Data Show That Antipsychotic Drugs Are Less Effective Than Advertised
DO> Hmmm. Do you think this is a dangerous concept?

The doctor who broke up families: Psychiatrist who damned hundreds as ‘unfit parents’ …
DO> WOW, what are your thoughts on this article?

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  1. Some of those docs need a doc, i think after 10, 20, or more years of listening to people like me classified as bi-polar need to retire ..One dr Henry, would always seemed so pissed off to hear my stuf that i would be afraid to say shuf, just get my meds and get d heck out of there..There should be a cap on so called psch drs.

    Love the rest of em though,


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