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Why are some mentally ill patients treated like criminals?
DO> Wow, this is terrible?

Salt Lake County jail inmate died of starvation, dehydration
DO> This is so wrong, don’t you think?

Stephen Fry ‘may well’ kill himself due to bipolar disorder
DO> What do you think of this article?

8 Signs Someone Is at Risk of Suicide
DO> Great article, take a look.

Bipolar mood swings can be predicted
DO> Very good tips, don’t you think?

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  1. hi dave, i have bipolar so i know how this can have an episole on any one hurting them selfs. i was in the hospital, for this reason. so i understand thanks for the letter. sharon

  2. Hi David,
    I am so glad you are trying to help people like me who have the “disease” and feel like there is no hope for a brighter day . I have some problems that no one can seem to help me with but I am sure I am in a bi polar phase of major depression right now so nothing seems good. But I hear people say ” I don’t understand why someone would consider killing them selves. It’s the cowards way out” I am that Coward and no one realises how powerful those words are. What advise do you have for me to deal with those types of statements? or My favorite is ” It is curable, you have to want it cured with out the meds”
    I am just looking for someone who knows more about this than those who are close to me and think they know.
    Thanks Rebecca

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